In My Kitchen : cooking for cravings

Suddenly i got some cravings for sri lankan style lunch and started cooking what i felt like eating and took many photos which am gonna share now. In sri lanka we have rice and curry as we call it for lunch. It’s basically a plate of rice with various vegetables cooked into a gravy sort of dish or fried and made as a salad. Yes there are certain vegetables that tastes great when fried and added to salads. A few vegetables we cook are beetroots, raddish, ash plantains, brinjal and snake gourds. We temper the onions and curryleaves in oil and cook the vegetables by adding some light coconut milk and onces the vegetables are tender we add some thick coconut milk to give the gravy a rich look. The basic spices used are turmeric powder and chillie powder. These vegetables call for a spicy thick gravy which usually is mutton, beef, chicken or fish. We even have dry fish gravy at times or make a prawn gravy which tastes so devine. These food are very rare in dubai unless i drive to a sri lankan restaurant in karama. So weekdays i make it a point to make something i crave and freeze so i can use it whenever i want. And yes it’s not always just this time for the preggy needs only 🙂

This chicken gravy below is made to my grandmas style she was my dads mum from colombo and she made the best chicken gravy or anything she cooked tasted so delicious maybe because there was some love added with the spices. She taught me how to make a good chicken gravy and i decided to make it her way because i was craving for grandmas food.


I returned from sri lanka in January with a bottle of cooked polos or jack fruit curry and sprats devil all store bought to give it a try and it tasted so good that i ate it all so soon. I am now wanting more of it but sadly it’s finished. Now i know the vrand to get readymade polos curry. Homemade is greater but i gotta get my hands on those raw jack fruit so i can make my own polos and freeze.


Beetroot shredded and cooked in coconut milk. During our childhood days we used to pour alot of this beetroot gravy and compete with my siblings whose rice is more red. Seriously it was fun. Memories 🙂 I guess it’s the best way to serve your kids some vegetables. This vegetable goes well with spicy fish gravy 🙂


This is my snakegourd curry. We chop the snake gourd in to thin slices and cook in coconut milk. It tastes better when some chopped maldives fish is added and goes well with a nice mutton curry. This vegetable has some good helath benifits and is very tasty.


This is one more vegetable that tastes good no matter how you make it. Its healthy as well. Bittergourd yes its bitter as its name says but its better when you make a devil.

This is one more vegetable that tastes good no matter how you make it. Its healthy as well. Bittergourd yes its bitter as its name says but its better when you make a devil.

Bittergourd devil recipe

Ingredients 2 Bittergourd 1 onion chopped 2 green chillies chopped 1 small tomato chopped A few curry leaves chopped 1 tbsp Maldives fish (optional) Or a few raw mango pieces finely chopped 1/4 tsp Turmeric 1 tsp chillie powder or 2  if you like extra spicy Salt to taste 2 tsp lime juice 1/2 tsp chillie flakes A little crushed pepper as required Salt to taste 3 tbsp Oil Lets cook it ; 1. Heat oil and temper onions with curry leaves until onions are translucent. 2. Chop the bitter gourd and soak in salt water before washing for half an hour which will reduce its bitterness.  Later wash and drain off the water. 3. If using Maldives fish add it to the onions and stir in the bitter gourd. 4. Season with the turmeric, chillie powder and chillie flakes. 5. Add the salt and pepper with green chillies and keep stirring. 6. Reduce heat and add a cup of water keep it closed till the bitter gourd is tender and the water has evaporated. 7. At this stage add the mango if using and stir in the lime juice. 8. Mix well and fry on a medium flame till the oil seperates from the Bittergourd slightly.  Switch on extractor and open windows ita gonna be a bit smoky. Take off heat and serve hot with rice and dhal. Trust me this is the best devil I’ve ever tasted. Here is a link before you decide if bitter gourd is for you or not which is very informative and i searcged it online for my own knowledge This link says pregnant women should avoid bitter gourd or its juice so if your having any medical condition or  is pregnant please ask your doctor.  Other normal people can try it.