A master of sugar craft – (passion and destiny)


I believe 20 is the best age a child can be trusted on to take a decision of their studies by themselves. I started on to dream of being a teacher at the age of 5 and began teaching my imaginary students after school and my siblings during our school vacation.
As I grew up to be an ordinary level student I began to think teaching school kids is not what I want and later on moved on to study computing.
At the age of 20 I was inspired by a television drama in hindi to be a journalist.  I started my first move with a scholarship request and was successfully selected.  Due to many problems at home I was unable to join the batch and had to do a diploma in cookery. Although I learnt the lessons with not much of interest I started practicing the recipes and became more involved due to the successful dishes and appreciation I received. Thats when my passion for food started yet I had the greed to get myself involved into the media due to my interest in getting famous.
Ofcourse I should agree that seeing my name next to an article is the only thing I most wanted in my early 20’s.

Experience is the best teacher

So the saying is very true. I herd someone mention on a radio programme that “not every human being does what they are most passionate about”
Some work to keep their family runnning.
While some do tbe job as they dont have any other options out of which only a very few are those lucky ones who do a job which they enjoy.
Same way it goes with students who are deciding on their higher education. 1-Some follow the marks,
2- some obey their parents and start pursuing a qualification to please their parents
3- while a few are indecisive and do what they feel like.
4- A very few are inspired by the celebrity and work hard to achieve their goals.
I fell into the 4th category. I was inspired and worked hard. I had a lifeline which was the age barrier for admission into journalism college was not above 25 years. So I spent my 21st birthday studying culinary arts. At age 22/23 I reapplied to journalism college and again my house condition restricted me from attending college. I decided to stay home with no studies for the next one year and spend my life enjoying my spinster-hood. I believed that a diploma or degree in journalism will make me become a published writer and succed in my ambition. It took which is why I assumed my last Chance to pursue a career as a writer was my 25th birthday and decided not to give up this last chance no matter what and thats when destiny entered my life.
I was arranged to be given in marriage and I gave up once and decided to be a normal housewife and take things as every normal girl would want and I totally forgot my ambition. Married life took over my ambitions and I started enjoying the migration. Travelling around dubai and experiencing the culture and food of dubai I was so involved in food related field for my surprise my husband was also totally enjoying my passion. We watched the same food channels and programmes. Thats when I started my blog as shoppaholicstraveldiary on WordPress and enjoyed posting everything about dubai and my life in dubai.
The days I started blogging is when I discovered that food and travel is my passion while I didn’t need a degree to get published. I learnt through experience that experience is what I needed to write while becoming a writer doesn’t mean I have to write for a paper. Its the wonderful experience that helped me discover my passion for food. As a foodie who likes taking food pictures I enjoy writing recipes and all things food while being addicted to cookbooks and food programmes.

Three Golden Years

The past three years mean so much to me that the three years helped me discover my passion.
The three years have bought out the foodie in me and encouraged me to become a published blogger.
The experience of the three years that passed has taught me something new thats none other than the art of sugar flower making. I mastered the sugar flower craft and has found a new art. Cake decorating has broadened my imagination and creativity. I am so excited to start creating and share the new found art with my readers and fans while keep on practicing the craft.



The history of Travel and food worldwide

Its been a year since I started blogging on WordPress.
Soon after migrating to dubai I was feeling homesick and lonely while my hubby is at work. The only way I spent my free time was by watching television or chatting with friends.
I am glad I took over blogging which has helped me do something useful.

It all started in July 2012 during summer when my brother in law suggested I start working online for example wordpress programming etc if I know how to, so that I can earn some extra dollars while spending my free time doing some work.

I then remembered I signed up for a WordPress blog in 2010 and decided to start posting my first post as slide show images. My first post was about travel in dubai.
Soon after my first post I started getting a few likes in a couple of days. The very first like for my picture encouraged me to post more.

Then started my love for blogging which has made me a photo addict as I start taking pictures using my mobile phone especially to post on my blog.
I started blogging about a wide range of topics as shoppaholicstraveldiary.wordpress.com.

The early stages of blogging included only photographs. I began researching various blogs and discovering various techniques and features. I also got nyself signed up for a few social media networks and learnt how to keep my readers involved and entertained.
A year and 3 months has elapsed since I started blogging continuously and now I have discovered my passion for travel and food is what I enjoy writing and sharing about.
Having dreamt about being a journalist from the time I completed my ordinary level exams, blogging has helped me get my work published and reach a wide range of audience from around the world. It also has helped me improve my writting skills and now I have decided blogging is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

One year of blogging has taught me-

1) Discovering my interest is the main thing in blogging, until which you can write about any topic in general.

2) To write what am most passionate about.

3) Food and travel blogging needs good quality pictures which people like to see.

4) Always name the blog to suit your niche.

I named my previous blog as shoppaholicstraveldiary.wordpress.com
Because I loved the shopaholics diary book series by sopie kinsella. Another reason why I chose the name shopaholicstraveldiary is I believe we are all shopaholics and I agree myself as one. Reason why I believe am a shopaholic is I buy a variety of books started of with novels and now am addicted to cake decoration books.

Now I’ve changed my blog to travelandfoodworldwide as my blog will focus only on travel and food related posts from around the world.  i have always taken pictures of food and shared with my family back home. I have always wanted to bake, cook and try a variety recipes from around the world and I travel around just to discover food and flavours. I have been a foodie since my childhood. As I mentioned earlier a blog needs a name that will relate to the posts whoch is why i have shifted the blog and I hope my blog gains more viewers in a very short time period.

It has taken a year to gain the experience on blogging and discovering a niche am most passionate about.

I hope my viewers enjoy the new look and the posts to follow.