Weekly Photo Challenge : Happy

Happiness is a very sensitive feeling that we all feel only at various stages in our lives. Those different stages in our life can be in many different sort of ways either by a relationship, gift, place or even a simple thing like an anonymous tweet.
Above pictures are some of which brings a smile filled with happiness in my life.
Books I love books and one of the happiest days is when I walk into a book store and walk out with a bag of my favorite authors book.
Design and architecture – I love traveling and visiting places that portray a unique interior. Many places I visited in Dubai has amazed me by the structure and design of the place/buildings.
Those visits gave me the happiness of visiting somewhere new and discovering the beauty of that place/building.
Every time I walk in to the fruits section at a supermarket I smile looking at the pomelos which is spread besides the oranges. the story behind my smile is the memory of happy Family get-togethers surrounded by my aunt, uncle and cousins with a plate of pomelo and some salt and chillie.
Shopping in Bangalore are memories that brings a smile filled with loads of happiness which are still fresh.

“Real Happiness lies in making others happy” is a saying which I often use and WordPress has done that by making me and everyone else happy by offering a great new way of displaying the photos in shapes (I like circles) with a lovely topic this week.

Like WordPress 😄