Double Chocolate Nutty Brownies

¬†SOMETIMES THINGS HAPPEN UNEXPECTEDLY, THAT’S WHAT IS CALLED A SURPRISE. I decided to follow a recipe from my favorite book (i call it favorite cos the images make me drool and i love the word chocolate ūüôā

I collected the ingredients following the book and learnt that i dint have enough cooking chocolate or cocoa. i also had a lot of chopped mixed nuts which i wanted to use badly on my brownies. so the little changes i did is making my brownie special and my very own version. recipe inspired by –20141009_164436[1]2014-10-01 13.50.0420141008_141510 2014-10-04 06.45.02 2014-10-04 06.33.1720141008_141519 originally this brownie is called mocha brownies and i rename it as double chocolate nutty brownies for substituting and changing the method. its totally a different method and is very easy. why they named it mocha brownies can be due to the coffee mix the recipe calls for which i did not use in my brownies. here is my recipe :

Double Chocolate Nutty Brownies


1 cup chopped nuts use any nuts

100 grams cooking chocolate

3 tablespoon drinking chocolate powder

2 eggs

1/3 cup butter

1/2 cup flour

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder


  1. Melt the cooking chocolate with a teaspoon of butter
  2. Mix together flour, drinking chocolate and baking powder
  3. Cream together the butter and sugar
  4. continue beating by adding the eggs one at a time
  5. incorporate the dry ingredients with the egg mix
  6. fold in the melted chocolate
  7. spread on a tray greased with butter and dusted with flour
  8. sprinkle a tablespoon of flour on top evenly and bake in the microwave on a 80 heat for 5-8 minutes checking after 5 minute

cool completely before cutting serve as it is or drizzle with extra melted white chocolate and sprinkle some drinking chocolate powder on top the sprinkling of flour on top and bottom creates a crust on the cake store for a week on the shelf  unless your a slow eater on sweets 2014-09-25 09.06.44 just loved playing around with photos.

So anyone wondering why i used a phrase as sometimes things happen unexpectedly which why its called a surprise?

That’s because this is my first brownie I’ve ever made in my baking life and second i did not use the appropriate measurements mentioned in the book and substituted some ingredients like drinking chocolate powder for cocoa which was very sweet and the fear of it turning out too sweet stuck me as my hubby hates extra sweet stuff.

Another reason is i cooked it on my microwave and immediately cut a piece to taste it and found it a bit too gooey and thought its undercooked and went shopping for eid the next day with a thought to get home and bake something else to serve the guests.

All in all my mind was not satisfied in the brownie i bake and now i know your wondering why i post such a thing in the blog. Dont worry my brownie was perfectly cooked and why it seemed undercooked was i cut it before cooling.  The brownies were not too sweet cos the bitter cooking chocolate i used helped cover up the sweet drinking chocolate.

Why i posted is not only did the brownie turn out well but my hubby and guests enjoyed it and loved it.

We all have a story behind our own recipes and success always come through a tough way. Not everything is easy to achieve even while cooking,  a compliment for a small sweet that we do counts at times.

Good market for food

The good market as mentioned in the previous posts is an initiative to promote local goods. Starting off at the diyatha uyana at waters edge and the araliya car park at crescat the good market is now having their stalls at the race course car park. Race course is a nice place with a peaceful atmosphere located in the vicinity of the royal collage colombo and colombo university. A very posh area with less traffic and ideal location for walks and get togethers with family and friends race course has a line up of shops with a lovely car park and seating for those who like to have a McDonald’s lunch or dinner.
The good market is an addition that has made the location even more colorful with those lovely tents and music on the background,  the aroma of the food and colorful goods on display never failed to attract the crowd.
I dropped in at the good market on my way to a birthday party of my close cousin in law with a cake as gift.
walking in looking around at the good market I first went over to “milk and honey” its a shop that serves vegetarian food and had an array of gluten free cakes with kithul jaggery or kithul treacle substituted for sugar on all the sweet goodies. I am a budding baker who is looking for options on baking gluten free and healthy. When I first herd of the milk and honey shop in colombo 7 I was wanting to visit and try some from their menu yet time did not permit and I was so glad and eager to try their sweets at the good market.
I chose the chocolate fudge brownies which was 250 rupees a piece although it was less than 10 dirhams and filled with healthy ingredients I felt it to be a bit expensive counting in sri lankan rupees. I wanted to taste all the sweets they had which was covered and kept while all food was carefully packed with extra care and gloves.
All bags used were biodegradable.
As I tasted the chocolate fudge brownie I hardly felt any difference as the sales lady explained the brownies contain no wheat or rice flour which makes it gluten free and she also mentioned having used kithul jaggery intead of sugar as a healthy option. I am so happy to have spent 250 rupees on that brownie it was well worth.

My next search was for the achcharu kadeys new addition the kama kadey. Yes I’ve mentioned achcharu kadey on my previous post and they have developed to have two stalls together introducing the kama kadey which sells authentic sri lankan meals. They serve a special ambul thiyal sandwich with pol (coconut) sambol or polos thiyal with pol sambol. I sure need a good separate post to write about ambul thiyal.
In short – Its so delicious and yummy. Some kind of curry that can be prepared and preserved in a jar I sure will upload a post on this very soon.
Until then just have a look at my sandwich and imagine how ambul thiyals would be no matter if its fish or polos all taste good and spicy.
Yes thats how it looks the smell of kandan leaf and the roast bread is awesome.
The sandwich becomes more authentic because of the Kandan lead wrap.
Am so impressed by this food.
My reason to run over at good market was a big secret.
Memories are so great that sometimes we do things just to experience it, That’s what was my reason.
I remember my mum used to ask dad for boiled cashew nuts wraped in kandan leaves. It tasted so good and you hardly find it nowadays. About 15 years ago it was only 40 rupees I guess but now just a little bit is 250 rupees. I feel that 15 years is a very long time :-).
I text the kama kadey cum achcharu kadey to reserve me some boiled cashew nuts and I rushed over to get them before they are sold out.
Its served in the same old way with a very small quantity. Its was so soft and chewy. Its always best to taste something after many years. This is how I revisited my memory.
Everyone sure did enjoy the taste of good market food.
A birthday cake post is to follow and until then its good night from mafaza


A master of sugar craft – (passion and destiny)

I believe 20 is the best age a child can be trusted on to take a decision of their studies by themselves. I started on to dream of being a teacher at the age of 5 and began teaching my imaginary students after school and my siblings during our school vacation.
As I grew up to be an ordinary level student I began to think teaching school kids is not what I want and later on moved on to study computing.
At the age of 20 I was inspired by a television drama in hindi to be a journalist.  I started my first move with a scholarship request and was successfully selected.  Due to many problems at home I was unable to join the batch and had to do a diploma in cookery. Although I learnt the lessons with not much of interest I started practicing the recipes and became more involved due to the successful dishes and appreciation I received. Thats when my passion for food started yet I had the greed to get myself involved into the media due to my interest in getting famous.
Ofcourse I should agree that seeing my name next to an article is the only thing I most wanted in my early 20’s.

Experience is the best teacher

So the saying is very true. I herd someone mention on a radio programme that “not every human being does what they are most passionate about”
Some work to keep their family runnning.
While some do tbe job as they dont have any other options out of which only a very few are those lucky ones who do a job which they enjoy.
Same way it goes with students who are deciding on their higher education. 1-Some follow the marks,
2- some obey their parents and start pursuing a qualification to please their parents
3- while a few are indecisive and do what they feel like.
4- A very few are inspired by the celebrity and work hard to achieve their goals.
I fell into the 4th category. I was inspired and worked hard. I had a lifeline which was the age barrier for admission into journalism college was not above 25 years. So I spent my 21st birthday studying culinary arts. At age 22/23 I reapplied to journalism college and again my house condition restricted me from attending college. I decided to stay home with no studies for the next one year and spend my life enjoying my spinster-hood. I believed that a diploma or degree in journalism will make me become a published writer and succed in my ambition. It took which is why I assumed my last Chance to pursue a career as a writer was my 25th birthday and decided not to give up this last chance no matter what and thats when destiny entered my life.
I was arranged to be given in marriage and I gave up once and decided to be a normal housewife and take things as every normal girl would want and I totally forgot my ambition. Married life took over my ambitions and I started enjoying the migration. Travelling around dubai and experiencing the culture and food of dubai I was so involved in food related field for my surprise my husband was also totally enjoying my passion. We watched the same food channels and programmes. Thats when I started my blog as shoppaholicstraveldiary on WordPress and enjoyed posting everything about dubai and my life in dubai.
The days I started blogging is when I discovered that food and travel is my passion while I didn’t need a degree to get published. I learnt through experience that experience is what I needed to write while becoming a writer doesn’t mean I have to write for a paper. Its the wonderful experience that helped me discover my passion for food. As a foodie who likes taking food pictures I enjoy writing recipes and all things food while being addicted to cookbooks and food programmes.

Three Golden Years

The past three years mean so much to me that the three years helped me discover my passion.
The three years have bought out the foodie in me and encouraged me to become a published blogger.
The experience of the three years that passed has taught me something new thats none other than the art of sugar flower making. I mastered the sugar flower craft and has found a new art. Cake decorating has broadened my imagination and creativity. I am so excited to start creating and share the new found art with my readers and fans while keep on practicing the craft.



Food Story : Cake of the fortnight

Buying recipe books is not easy as it seems when they are affordable at a place like the floating book shop logos hope. The price made me grab all book on cake and baking. The 100 cakes book encouraged me to try put a cake a week which is why I ended up trying the third cake from this book. It has 100 cakes and I have no idea how I will be able to try them all out. Its kind of challenge to me. I have a basic cake¬†recipe which is soft and delicious that calls for equal amount of flour, sugar and butter. But many recipes I’ve come across in books call for different measurements on each ingredient. That’s the key reason why I wanted to try all the 100 cake recipes from my recent cake book. So this cake is the 3rd recipe I tried out of the 100 cakes.
This recipe has a different flavor as it contains Nutella and almonds.
I tried Nutella very recently only after visiting Sri Lanka. Though I’ve seen many offers on nutella in Dubai I’ve never got the urge to try it out. I am now a fan of nutella, for those who have not yet tried nutella please try soon ,its chocolaty and delicious. Use it as a topping for cakes, cookies, √©clairs and doughnuts.

I was not so sure on how the cake might turn out which is why I tried baking the cakes first and they were really good with a bit of crunchiness from the almonds and sweetness from the nutella with a chocolaty flavor.
ice cream
I was so lazy to make the topping which was also from nutella I cut the cup cake vertically into half and topped each half with a scoop of fruit and nut ice cream. It was so delicious and went together very well. The crunchiness of the almonds and softness of the cake added an extra taste to the fruit and nut ice cream.

Cake Class Diary

vacation in srilanka after a year and half

The reason for my vacation in srilanka was due to my delivery yet I wanted to make my time useful after my delivery by joining a cake decorating school and learning the art of cake decorating. So in august 2013 I joined the clements school of cake decorating which is a renown school for the subject in sri lanaka has created many cake decorators with valid certificates provided to students who follow the masters, structure and wilton courses.
I joined the novelty cake course as I wanted to learn from the basics. Having joined this course we were given hands on training with practice till perfection. Each design was donw with extra commitment and each attempt was worth the time spent. Leaving a new born baby at home and learning something was really tough as mother of a two month old.
Somehow I managed to complete each lesson and now its 3 months since I started the novelty cake lessons I have learnt a great deal about cake decorating and is now able to decorate a birthday, anniversary, engagement and wedding cake on my own.
I am now supposed to practice for my exams in February and by that time am planning to get back to my life in dubai.

wilton cake decorating course

All I can say is wilton cake decorating course is the toughest. Every flower am taught is very difficult in a scale of 1-10 its in the 10th position.
Wilton cake decorating course is a seperate course and the certificate is world renown. Its valid in any part of the world. Its a three month course and is hoping to complete it soon amidst the class reschedules due to personal work of the instructor.
I really wanna get back to dubai and is feeling sad as to why I joined this wilton cake decorating course as it’s so tough. But am really happy learning this lesson. Wilton cake decorating course is worth all the hard work.

my practice in pictures





bb flo Publication1 


Memories of Eid in Dubai

I lived at jumeira village circle on lavender 2. It is a very posh area with a few buildings and some shops. I always enjoyed looking around the neighbourhood and sharing a smile with someone looking to make friends. The first year of my stay was very lonely and spent keeping my door open or looking out of the window. So when I was standing out a neighbour who was going shopping for eid said salams and I replied back. So the next time I cooked a string hopper and sent to her in thoughts of making friends. my bowl was returned with a lebanese soup, flat bread and a delicious stuffed capsicum in a red sauce or gravy.

The next eid festival I was gifted with the sweets on the picture above. it was so delicious that I literally asked her for more of those sweets the next time I met her. I seriously miss those corridor friendship.






Last year my eid al adha festival in dubai was spent with just a couple of friends invited home for lunch.
Cooking for friends was fun and shopping for sweets at carrefour was enjoyable. It was my first encounter with macaroons. Dubai is where I was introduced to macaroons and its where I tasted those lovely colorful yummmies.

Eid night was spent watching movies either at home or at dubai mall which will be jam packed with no space for parking. I really miss dubai.

Life is a roller coaster where you’ve got to go through those curves to live.

So always hold tight to your memories and cherish every moment you live.