Mafaza’s Chocolate Cake

A sudden craving for chocolate cakes filled myself as the winter breeze entered the hallway through the open window.  Winder days are so refreshing and make you want hot chocolates and brownies fo dinner.

It was 8 pm when i was wondering if am gonna follow a recipe from a book and bake or use the usual recipe and add some cocoa to make it  a chocolate cake which is how i sometimes do when i think of the idea that the butter should be beaten so that the sugar is dissolved. I find it boring at times as the sugar crystals never dissolve easily. They are so coarse and using powdered sugar to bake a cake is not a good idea as it does not taste the same for me.

So here i decided to make it easy and experiment by creating my own instructions and ingredients.

I name it after myself as it’s my lazy day quick chocolate cake.

Mafaza’s Chocolate Cake Recipe


3 full eggs

3 egg yolks

4 tablespoon sugar

10 teaspoons drinking chocolate

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 teaspoons cream of tar tar

A pinch of Salt

1 cup wheat flour

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

100 grams cooking chocolate

3 tablespoons butter

1/4 cup water

Strawberry chocolate shavings (optional)


Melt butter and cooking chocolate

Boil the water and dissolve the sugar

Combine what flour, drinking chocolate, salt, baking powder and cream of tar tar

Beat the 3 eggs with the 3 egg yolks and vanilla essence

Pour in the melted butter and chocolate mixture with the dissolved sugar onto the eggs and continue beating

Incorporate the dry ingredients withthe wet ingredients

Line a baking pan with butter and flour

Spread the batter and sprinkle the strawberry chocolate shavings on top

bake in  a moderate oven until golden brown on top for 20 minutes

Take off the oven once done and cook complete

Serve with some chocolate ganach and whipped cream or ice cream


For a gluten free options substitute  the wheat flour with any ideal gluten free flour .

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Orange syrup Poached Pear with Chocolate Cake

It about was 2 months ago when I visited the fruits and vegetables market near international city and got some fruits and vegetables, they did have some stuff at a good rate but not all stuff are good in quality.  So ending up with a lot of pears wondering what to cook out of it is tough task in the kitchen.

I browsed a few recipes for poached pear desserts and I tried the Master Chef recipe 2 years ago and this time I decided to make use of the dessert recipe book which I have and finally ended up creating my own poaching syrup.

It was a Thursday at 12 midnight when I walked up to the kitchen and made the poaching liquid. in 15-20 minutes I turned off the flames and the next morning continued poaching for about 20 more minutes over a low heat.

the pears were tender when I checked so it was ready to be served.


1/2 an orange

2 cinnamon sticks

4 cardamons

4 cloves

1 star anise

6 almonds

2 pears peeled

sugar or honey as required

2 cups water


  1. add all the ingredients except the pears and boil
  2. reduce heat and add the pears
  3. cook over a very low heat until the pears are tender


I served the whole pouched pear with a slice of homemade chocolate cake and some cream.  I also did try and drizzle some homemade chocolate sauce.






Cakes and Bakes

I’ve been baking a few cakes lately in order to practice my skills on icing and decorating. Lots of cakes mean lots of sweets and that means I need a break from cakes. So this week am gonna take a break from cakes and do some blogging seriously. There is a line up of photos waiting to be revealed with a story.
Time is what I lack to sit and write. Amidst my household chores and my son who is trying to pull everything I take i managed to get a few photographs of my cakes and food. So here is what I’ve been up to.
Trying to build a minion with no icing is a bit tough considering the finish which will not give a professional look, this is completely done by cake and no extra butter cream nor icing has been used. My aim was to create something nice for those who hate icing on top of their cakes, yes there are people who hate to eat cakes with frosting of any sort. It’s not about the diet. It’s just that they can’t take in extra sweetness. I sometimes experience it that I don’t like to eat too much frosting with my cake but that doesn’t mean I hate frosting. It’s just sometimes you can’t take in much sweet.
So this minion was my first attempt. I tried my level best to get it perfect but trust me am human and I can have some Imperfections in my work, that doesn’t mean I lack talent it’s just that I need time and some practice with a person who can eat more sweets.


2 weeks ago I tried making cake pops and the balls formed perfectly well and the pops stood firm on my polystyrene stand and I topped then with royal icing which also worked well but i guess using meringue powder might have been the best as you wont get the egg smell on top. I was out of egg powder and was in a hurry to try them out.


trying out to make a teddy bear cake pop and I dint perfect it so it was a failure I need to work hard next time yet am satisfied with what I did.


my recipe for the cake pops is –


2 slices of chocolate cake

100 grams dark cooking chocolate

1 teaspoon butter to melt the chocolate

1 teaspoon milk

instruction to mould –

  1. melt chocolate with butter and milk.
  2. combine the melted chocolate with the chocolate cake.
  3. make tiny balls with the mixture.
  4. the mixture should be like a firm dough.
  5. makes about 10-12 cake pops.




Food Story : Chocolate and Almond Cake

baking and myself

I started baking at the age of 16 with a failure jn my first cake in following a recipe. I then decided to learn the art of baking and followed a pastry course with international cookery. The things I learnt to make pleased me and encouraged to bake and try new things daily.
But everything I did bake was in my mum’s old small tefal oven from france. Until today I’ve never baked in large electronic oven.

So recently we got our big electronic oven fixed and started using it. The first thing I baked was this chocolate cake by following a recipe from a cake book. I believe the temperature was high or I baked it for too long either way my cake turned out hard. Yet I decided to ice the cake. I topped it with chocolate ganach and dusted the sides with chopped almonds and dexorated it to perfection. I sliced it and served it to my family memebers. Everyone except my dad tasted the cake soon as I served. The first bite my dad took and he paused to comment. I was all smiles looking at him expecting a positive comment.
My dad asked “is this cake?”
I said yes and asked him if it’s good?
He replied with a big grin, It tastes like beef.
I was shocked and sad.
The decoration couldn’t make the cake palatable.

What I learnt from this experience –
Always check the item in the oven when using the oven for the first time. Each and every oven is different and the temperature given in a recipe doesn’t suit all the ovens equally.

The cake from the book 🙂

The cake I made 😦