In our meals daily we have a variety of porridge, some are spicy and some are sweet. The easiest of them all is oats porridge which we usually have it sweet and sometimes dip a bread and eat.
Oats porridge is not only easy to prepare but cooks fast.
● Add a few sticks of cinnamon to give it a cinnamon flavor.

Kurakkan porridge know as white mullet flour is also another porridge which is prepared sweet and also eaten by dipping a slice of roasted bread.
We generally add a beaten egg and cook it for a healthier version.

Rice flake porridge is another yummy breakfast favourite also prepared sweet and often eaten by dipping a bread. It’s also prepared by adding a beaten egg for a healthier version.
Jaggery is added to give a color and kithul jaggery is often known as a rescue for those sugar conscious people. It tastes different too.

Rulang kanji also known as semolina porridge can be prepared sweet or spicy as you prefer. Add some juice of molakia or gottukolla for a green and healthy porridge and serve with dates or jaggery. The sweet version of this porridge is often thickened and presented as a dessert.

Payasam is very common in india and is served as a dessert after lunch. We prepare a sweet porridge with sago and often have it with some pittu or string hoppers for breakfast and sometimes with a coconut roti for dinner. Mainly its a festive porridge in my opinion and jaggery is added to give it a color while some cinnamon and cardamom act as flavor enhancers.

One other porridge often cooked plain and can be eaten spicy or sweet is the one and only rice porridge. Yes the rice is completely cooked and smashed, while thick and thin coconut milk is added to make it a porridge. Generally white raw rice is the main ingredient while a few cloves of garlic, ginger and some fenugreek is added to give it some flavor. This porridge is served with a spicy sambol, left over gravy or a devilled fish for a spicy version, while its served with dates or a piece of jaggery for a sweet porridge. Either way the porridge tastes delicious. You can add some gottukolla juice or molakia juice for a green porridge. You
Can mix in a tempered onion to create an appetite from the aroma and hide the garlic smell.


Tea tasting

A day never starts without a hot cup of tea and the evening is never complete without another up of tea. sri lanka is famous for its tea. The normal households in sri lanka make a cup of tea with milk. Some do drink it plain with some sugar or a small piece of jaggery.
My mum used to say during her time they used to drink tea with a small piece of jaggery as sugar was in demand.  At that time food was limited and people got food only a certain quantity.  I guess they might have not wasted food. Nowadays food is available everywhere at anytime readily for an affordable cost as a fact food is being wasted.
Lets get back to the tea.
Tea has been mixed with a variety of flavours to give it a modern name and for people to experience different flavours.
I have once tasted strawberry flavoured tea which I still remember the taste. The tea was good with a combination of milk and the strawberry flavour was strong .
I have seen the supermarket shelves stacked with flavoured tea yet I choose the normal unflavoured tea every time.
Green tea was totally different it had the same taste as unflavoured tea yet light and green with a little bit of freshness. I’ve got a pack of lime tea am gonna make it and taste it. Last night dad bought a pack of cinnamon tea and I was eager to taste it.
I love cinnamon. It’s flavour and aroma gives me an appetite to eat.
I think it makes food delicious. The cinnamon tea had a very strong cinnamon flavour with bits of cinnamon. It was strong. My headache vanished after drinking the tea.
I should try it with some milk.
Cinnamon tea is a good ingredient for tea infused cooking of any sort.

One can smoke any meat or fish with cinnamon tea, isnt it a good idea.

I’ve never smoked meat or fish but I’ve watched masterchef so I know how they do it.
I will keep you guys posted on my next tea tastings on instagram and twitter.

So always try something new and experience the variety of flavours.

Start your day with a cup of fresh tea.







At the Hospital
two people were seated talking at the waiting area until the appointment number was called for them to consult the doctor for diabetics.

Patient 1: recently I read in the paper that cinnamon can combat diabetics did u read?

Patient 2: Is it so, I forgot to get the paper.

Patient 3: overheard the conversation got up and walked to the receptionist.

Receptionist: How may I help you sir,

Patient 3: I would like to cancel my appointment and get a refund; may I know the procedure please?

Receptionist: Please may I know the reason, sir.

Patient 3: I saw 2 talking that cinnamon can combat diabetics, then why should I just spend on doctors, when I can get cinnamon free too??

Receptionist: But sir, how do u get cinnamon free??

Patient 3: Why I live in CINNAMON GARDEN!!

Receptionist: Aaaaaaawww!!! 😉


Know your Spices – Cinnamon


There are a variety of spices around the world Which some people do not know what they are called and how to use them. I hope what I write might help. To start with let’s talk about the spice that we are all familiar with,
Cinnamon is what you see on the picture above and it’s used in many types of food from making doughnuts to poaching a pear. It can be used in sweet and spicy food it’s a very good flavor enhancer. The food can get a special smell if used to a limit. Never overuse it as some people might not like it. Il posts some recipes with cinnamon later