Spitburben from Switzerland

I decided to try something from Switzerland and the best and easiest was to find a recipe online. As i typed swiss cookies i came across many recipes which said spitburben. The name sound funny but the recipe seemed very easy.
It was a very normal cookie which was sandwiched with a jam. The cookies turned out perfectly well i mean the first batch and the second batch became a bit darker on color as i lost track of time.
There are various recipes which some use hazelnut powder while some don’t i decided to go for the hazelnut powder one as it seemed different.
Few websites and blogs talk about how the spitburben was made during the season and it was a old traditional recipe of Switzerland.

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I deicded to decorate my cookies with some royal icing and take them to sri lanka on my vacation.  It was in December 2014. I went to sri lanka for my brother in laws wedding and it was a very  foodie trip. My sisters like the cookie and i also enjoyed the success of my first ever cookie made following a recipe online and decorated.

After a month in sri lanka i returned to dubai 2 weeks ago. I found that some of the spitburben were left on a box on top of my kitchen counter.  I decided to try it and voila it tasted still good and perfect.  It was fresh and the icing was perfect too. So here i am happy for a successful shelf like of my spitburben which lasts a month over the counter.

I will update the recipe with a link soon until them hope you like my images.