Hog apple juice

Sundays are always special whether you go out or not. No matter if you had a good biriyani feast or had the simplest of food like plain rice with papadams and curd chillies or pol (coconut) sambol. Sundays means less traffic, nice movies on television while rest from work or for some it’s a no  cooking day while for some its the best meal day. There might be some who have sunday as hubby’s cooking day.
May Allah bless everyone.
Last sunday was my outing day after many many months. Since my dad sold his car we never went for a dinner out together while the few times we went was only the three sisters and my mum and son on a tuk tuk. It was always a rushing shopping spree and never got some time to sit and have a snack nor enjoy a drink.
So last sunday we decided to go out in our usual vehicle the tuk tuk and headed off to majestic city.
The same old shopping complex where they had a play area with many games for kids and adults of all ages. We had some time exploring the play area as it was our visit after 15 years, although we shop at majestic city we never go around to the play area as we had no kids to play.
So last Sunday we went to entertain my son. After spending some time at the play area we walked over to the food court and decided on having some fresh juice from roots while also looking for a snack.
As I went over to the counter to order some juice I was drawn towards the board in the from next to the cash counter which said amberella juice.
Amberella is the sinhalese name for hog apples and its believed to have some health benefits over diabetes patients.  My mother in law used to suggest hog apples during my gestational diabetes.
I came across on Facebook that they do sell hog apple juices somewhere yet I never tried them.
As a food blogger who is on the lookout for new food while travelling and who likes to try different types of food I decided to try it for my blogs sake and write about my experience which I hope my readers would enjoy reading.
I grabed some pizzas from peppers as I believed that hog apple juice would be bitter and taste bad. So the pizza was my taste enhancer. I ate the pizza thinking, am gonna enjoy this piece of pizza to the fullest as the hog apple juice was waiting till I drank it and I was so sure on each of my bite that this hog apple juice is not gonna be good. I was looking around the food court thinking of buying something sweet to adjust my taste buds after the hog apple juice.
Finally I toom the first sip and was amazed at how sweet it was, the hog apple flavour and taste was exactly there while the drink was palatable.
It tasted so good which made me think of how stupud I have been to think it would tastw bad.

My husband always “says don’t assume try and find out for sure”.

He is right thats something I need to keep reminding myself about as I can’t stand if food tastes unpleasant.
Well am now over excited and feel like trying things out more for an experience while I look forward to blog about it too.
Here are some pictures captured through my s4 –


My seafood pizza which I ate half heartedly and never enjoyed as I wanted to thinking if it was halal although the salesman pointed out they used bairaha  chicken am not sure what cheese they used and finally I had to take off a bit of cheese. This pizza was from peppers at the food court in majestic city. Am not sure if they are or were halal certified.  Pizza hut is the best option I guess which people believe to be halal certified.


Its inexpensive, healthy and delicious.


My hog apple juice amberella juice


Finally what I wanted to enjoy was not enjoyed while what I believed that I wont like was my favourite.

Conclusion- try different food and drink.
Experience everything permitted.
Eat well and healthy.

Never come for a conclusion by assuming but by confirmation.