Sizzling at Sizzle



I was in dubai when my sister sent me a picture of them eating fruit salad on a large clay or ceramic pot type bowl. All she said was the food was “hot, hot”.
On my visit to srilanka I was taken out for dinner at sizzles.
It was on father’s day 2013 july. Ordering the signature dish of sizzle we were told it might take about half an hour for the food to be served. Talking and walking to the wash room to freshen up was how we spent the half an hour while waiting for the food.
Water was served in lovely ceramic glasses.
The food arrived smoking and filling the air with heat making us feel the air conditioner is very low.
The plates were made of wood with a small iron bowl in the centre which looked like a wamer.the food was basically a little rice and four varieties of vegetables with a huge piece of grilled chicken served with a gravy on top and a slice of cheddar.
We struggled to eat as it was boiling hot as if eating while the pot is on fire.
The atmosphere was cosy at the restaurant and food was boiling hot it really was a great experience. I shall recommend the restaurant to anyone who is looking into try something new and exciting.
It’s a must eat restaurant in colombo. We ordered some ice cream and brownie topped with ice cream and caramel to sooth our tongue of the heat.

My top points about sizzle-

The sizzle has a menu with a variety of dishes.
There price is affordable.
Unique experience.
Delicious food you can enjoy it a bit cool by serving it onto a seperate dinner plate.

Highlight of the day

My dad was gifted with a mug and a yellow flower to mark the father’s day. We also were gifted with a lovely picture of our family dining at sizzle.
This restaurant is highly recommended for people who follow a low carb diet strictly on vacation. (I mean there signature dish)

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