Fratelli la bufala

Box park

I looked up and found a lot of containers

Is it the harbour?

No its the box park.

Trust me dubai is really an amazing place. Everytime you look up you find something different and it never stops mesmerising one.

Once while passing al wasl road towards jumeira beach is when I saw this beautiful line up of shops with a container head. The interior and exterior is really unique to me. I sure have seen people living containers but never seen it been made to a modern architecture.  Only the the top is container the bottom is very beautiful shops with a very different design each one of them representing there concept



Look Up

The box park has many restaurants in boutique style from ice cream to cold juices and cafes you can find many stores. Starbucks is one of them and all of them are very cozy that one can get lost in which to choose.

If you are travelling to dubai soon do put the box park in your “to visit” list.

It’s a nice place to hangout with friends and family.

Look up for the containers 🙂

Photographs are mine 🙂


Trucks @ The Beach JBR

A walk from home about 8 minutes to the bus stop
A bus ride from there to the metro which took 15 minutes or so
The metro ride was 45 minutes
Finally, the tram took us in 2 minutes to the beach
It was fun but a bit tiring
As I reached it was just a kilometre walk to the beach from the tram
As I entered the beach it was a very warm and friendly atmosphere which welcomed us
The beach was busy with kids playing
Stalls selling lovely stuff
The cafes lined up were busy with customers enjoying the beach view while they had their meals
Behind the beach was the walk and the walk has all sorts of facilities and activities for everyone. They have an area with many fantasy rides and restaurants to suit your budget from high end to the medium range.

The best time to be at the beach is after 4 pm and the sunset view is spectacular
I was in a rush so couldn’t take many photographs

My main attraction was the trucks lined up as a part of Dubai food festival event.
They had “The melting” with traditional poutines and the “shake shack” with delicious fresh burgers while the hollandaise pancakes were there with all sorts of toppings and a juice bar with fresh fruit juices. The “Red tomato” pizza had some crispy woodfire pizzas in the cream-colored truck.
The entire area was lively with some benches and bean bags where the customers enjoyed their food surrounded by trucks, sand in toes, a windy breeze from the sea which was sad of the soon to approach summer. The crescent was there for a few hours enjoying the view and waiting till I captured my first ever photograph of the moon  with my s7 😆

A little about the food I tried
I first headed over to shake shack. Yes, I’ve seen there Instagram and I’ve been craving for a good shake shack burger for a long time. A meal for 2 costs just around 90 dirhams which are very filling and they make the burgers with fresh bright ingredients. Their fries are really crispy and delicious I’d say with cheese or without cheese, they are really good.

I was not hungry but I wanted to try the red tomato pizza too. Yes, I do follow them on Instagram and they make me crave for pizza everyone I stop over. Why are there pizzas so special?
Well, it’s cooked under woodfire and the wood fire aroma makes pizza a bit different.  You have to try it for you to know it.  I’d say if I don’t mind about the quantity I’d go for a red tomato pizza instead of anything else. It really delicious.

I was on a media tasting pass but then my opinion would be same even if I went as a customer.

I would say the long trip which was a walk, bus ride, metro ride and a tram trip was well worth it. The memories are really something to cherish.

The food trucks will be there until the 19th of March if you are in Dubai head over this weekend and enjoy the Dubai food festival.
I hope I took you on a food story ride along the beach at JBR .











All pictures are mine and taken from s7 🙂
Please ask if you want anything

Thank you

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