A boat ride


The view if the garhoud bridge from the edge of an abra boat. The ride was very peaceful and relaxing as the light from the blue bridge appeared over the boat while we crossed it.

Raiyans Carrot Chips

Mummy was busy with a bit of food styling and photoshoots in the hall. Windows wide open and baby A crawling in his cot and playing with his teddy.

Baby R was behind his mums props and tools. He eyed her tiny tala rolling pin which she got from Ace a few months ago and was taking a photograph of it for a project she has in mind.

Raiyan was asking for the rolling pin and mummy couldn’t say “no” as she had work which needed to be completed before the sun moves away, Thats right mummy takes photographs while the sun is shining through her window. So raiyan kept on asking for mummy’s very expensive tavola spatula which she fondly purchased with her winning voucher gifted by BBC GOODFOODME  for writing the star letter for the march issue. Buying a cute and pink spatula was in raiyans mummys “to buy” list and there seem to be many other cute pink, blue, yellow and purple props in her mind which still dint cross her eyes.

Well raiyans next target was the carrot that mummy just took. Oh he doesn’t hate carrots nor does he love them but he wants everything mummy takes.

After a while mummy was laughing out loud at the sight of her sons actions.

Raiyan was biting the carrots into slices and filling an empty pringle can. When mummy looked he said “chif” (thats how he says chips)

mummy couldn’t stop giggling and she grabbed him by his arms and gave him a hug.

shall we make some carrot chips together?

mummy asked raiyan and he started repeating “carrot chifs, carrot chifs”

mummy got the knife, cutting board and the camera ready

Raiyan stood on the chair holding the knife and trying to cut.

Well it’s plastic but it wouldn’t cut in one go. Mummy had to hold his hands and give a bit of strength so it cut well.

Raiyan was all smiles watching the knife cut the carrot into circles and enjoying the fact that he is a part of it..

After the carrots were cut raiyan sprinkle some garlic salt on top which mummy instructed to do so and he doubtfully licked a bit of garlic salt of the carrots.

He love dit and he went in for a second and thrid time with his tiny hands before mummy saw and grabbed it.

You will eat once the chips are ready.

The oil was hot and mummy just wished she had a good airfryer so raiyan can have a healthier version and he himself would enjoy adding them to the airfryer. But he did put the first batch of carrots into the oil and the oil slashed onto his tiny hand which was invisible yet painful. The first experience in the kitchen and he ran away with fear  mummy insisted him to stand away and watch.

He watched mummy drain the carrot chips in a paper tower and add them on to a plate.

Finally mummy asked him to sit on the sofa and she would bring the chips for him to eat.

He posed for a picture and took a few bites off the first carrot and put it back on the plate. After a few forces he finally ate just a slice of carrot too.

Mummy wished she did bake it and she will bake it next time.

Raiyan wash distracted by the real pringle can that lay besides the sofa.

And he started eating off the unhealthy but delicious store bought chips which his mum watched in silence while baby A was trying to grab a piece.

Watch the video below to see the ohotos and have fun.

Flying with kids

part 1 dxb-cmb

I have flown alone and also with a baby which not everyone can do unless you have the will power.flying with no adult partner is considered an adventure in my life. I enjoy flying with a partner or alone but the previous trips with my eldest son was a bit daunting as he was less occupied which I learnt recently.

Flying with a toddler and baby is not something easy as we are pushed to a lot of stress in considering the fellow passengers comfort.  Not everyone is child friendly and not all the stewards help you with kids. Some stewards make sure they dont cross us when they see you with a fussy kid. Trust me it did happen in a few planes.

So my journey was just 4 hours and 15 minutes always as it was from dubai to colombo and backwards. Even for an hour kids can hardly sit still unless they sleep. My previous trips I’ve tried piriton with Dr’s advice but this time I had to fly alone with 2 kids and I read a good deal that made me opt out of feeding my kids piriton.

They needed something to keep them busy. I took this trip as an adventure and started packing a bag for my eldest with all the things he love to eat and play.

It was a new bag so he loved strolling it around the airport. As we boarded the plane I took a few stuff and stored it in the seat pocket and left the bag on the cabin.

Luckily we had a television on board and had the opportunity to watch kung fu panda 3 which R enjoyed watching.

They didn’t give any kids coloring set or kids meal while flying from dubai to colombo although they did give it to the kid next to us.  Infact my son was 2.8 and he had his own seat and they dint bother to ask if he needs a meal until I asked them and the attendant carelessly replied “we dont have kids meal i’ll just give the same meal as you”? I had to agree cos I needed the meal to keep him occupied. I used the tab with all the programs for an hour.  Then i used the coloring set I bought along for the next hour. He slept an hour in which time I had my breakfast and fed my 8 month old in the cabin toilet. Then came the last hour in which R had his meals and watched the other half of the kung fu panda 3.

In the meantime I did use some apple juice and biscuits to keep “A” full and occupied although he did scrape the panda off the screen and enjoy rapping some baby music on the cabin table.

We did not get a bassinet as I was seated on the 3rd row and bassinets are provided only for the first row passengers. Baby A slept on my arms comfortably for a while and his rattles kept him busy later on.

Thus ended my plane trip with the 2 boys from dubai to colombo. We sure did have a nice time amidst the fact that mum is still not feeling well but she was happy to see us and was feeling sad that we came back in 2 weeks. Emirates is sure a nice plane 🙂



1. Pack a set of color pencils and a bookto scribble

2. Get some stickers and a card

3. Some domino’s that may interest your kid like fruits which R was learning

4. Always pack a bag and give the child to carry

5. Make sure you get some lolipols and smarties or even biscuits of teddy shapes (I hardly give sweets to R unless as a reward so it was fine)

The final tip

Always talk and play with your kid and help him be occupied


The Stranger


Chance Encounter

The moment I learnt I’ve won a voucher from tavola I could hardly think. I decided to get hold of it as soon as I could because I love shopping at tavola.

Now the day arrived for me to collect my voucher. It was the day just before I  had plans to visit colombo on a short notice.

I was ready and driven off to the oasis centre where we had to wait till S had some chores done.

I had R and A so was moving around and doing a bit of shopping.

First stop was a donut kiosk and then the tea.

Soon as we were done there we shopped at daiso where I got myself some craft supplies and a baking pan.

It seemed like the tinniest baking pan, yet it was something I’ve been hunting for a long time. Later we drove to grosvenor tower to collect my voucher.

The receptionist at the desk was a bit elderly, tall lady with golden short hair. She was busy over the phone with papers pilled on her desk with pen in the right hand. She gave me a smile and look through her specs as if asking for a moment. As soon as she hung the phone up I asked for ashara. She took my name and the purpose and passed on over the phone.

I was given many smiles by the few staffs who passed by 1 lady was in a tight jeans and a black stripped tshirt and denim jacket  on top. She was around 4.8 and  a bit chubby with brownish golden hair which am sure is highlighted. The others were a bit too taller than myself and thin with long blond hair. There were 2 other male staff who passed by too.

I was waiting for around 15 minutes or more I guess and suddenly a man walked over.

He gave a quick glance at the receptionist.

What is it? Which company are you from? He began.

I introduced myself and told my purpose.

He seemed lost.

My heart started beating fast.

Am I in the right place?

Oh, have they forgotten they asked me to come?

Thousands of thoughts rummaged my heart.

Suddenly I took my email and showed him.

Ashara! He exclaimed in relief.

Sorry, I am ashraf, ashara is inside.

He broke off at the receptionist. She is looking for ashafa not ashraf.

The receptionist blamed me saying I asked for ashraf while she sure did repeat after me the name ashara.

Sometimes people do say lies or are so ignorant that they cannot accept even the simplest mistakes they do.

My mind started racing with too many questions. I have been waiting for 15 minutes only to meet the wrong person. Suddenly ashara walks in and exclaims.

I sure did pass by, why didn’t you call me. She took off at the receptionist.

She sure was busy and dint give a cent for what I was talking.

Finally ashara was the lady who was in tight jeans and denim jacket.

Finally we greeted and exchanged a few words and I  walked out very impatient to check my vouchers.

I opened the envelope and checked for the voucher and was really smiling att the way in the elevator.

Oh my gosh!

A 1000 dirhams voucher to shop at tavola?

Thats kind of a dream come true.

It was the biggest gift won for just a small letter.

Later on I dropped in at mall of the Emirates to do a bit of shopping to go back to colombo.

I sure did have my two kids and was busy as a bee feeding the kids and shopping at times.

I sure did shop at tavola and got a few things for myself.

After all my work was done I walked towards the prayer section which has been moved to the top most level which is a bit of a hassel for those with kids. As the entrance is through the parking.

I walked towards the parking lot and saw a cleaner and asked for the way to the prayer room.

He insisted to help me and asked me to follow.

He even requested to push the pram. The weather was very hot and it’s not very easy to even walk in a parking lot. It’s like being steamed.

He strolled my stroller and guided me towards the prayer hall. I sometimes feel very sad to reward someone by cash as sometimes some may not like it. So I had to hand over a latte which I already had as a reward. The worker took it with a thank you and checked on the bottle. It was a Starbucks latter in a bottle.he smiled in glee as he saw the bottle.

Happiness lays in seeing others happy

These are a few chance encounters that helped me make this story. There have been many instances where people do help me with my baby stroller.

This time I was with two kids but when I was with nust the eldest one and had to go for an interview. A couple of ladies travelling to work helped my keep my son occupied by showing him videos and coming along with me to drop me at the destination.

That was just an unforgettable chance Encounter I’ve ever had. Who would even bother to care if am alone? People might wonder why do I have to travel with a baby. But passions needs it’s time or I may feel sad. There are no barriers to achieve our mind is the barrier.

Chance Encounter

Raison Detre : My Readers

The many days dream to write and be published

The many days wish to accomplish

Something to do with writing

Turned into a long hunt until one day it all stopped only to think, breathe and discover.

what exactly was i hunting?

Was it just the fame of being published?

I realised
that fame will never be achieved in this fast moving world where people keep developing and inventing.
Fame is not something you can run behind it chases us.
Then what am hunting? The reality of being a writer is not in just the platform it’s the truth that matters.
Unbiased content is what the world is longing for amidst many biased work online.
The one like you get on a post explains why people like it? Is it because of the pictures? Is it because of the words?

Or is it merely because they know you?

My Raison detre is the real readers who merely like my post maybe for the words or maybe for the title yet they like it even if i dont publish an image. The real readers are my raison detre.

The poem i write has an effect in someone but an image i post is merely nothing to the same person. Words are what is more powerful than anything.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/raison-detre/”>Raison D’être</a>

Fear of being “unidentified”

Fear of being “unidentified”

We are often racing through a life  to discover and achieve to recognise our identity

We sometimes are busy publicising our identity that often we forget to live the moment

We sometimes struggle to identify unless we see the identity

Identity is important in this fast paced world that we are pushed to publish our photos

Fear of being unidentified has done the same to me but I’d say I will no longer fear

I am better of being identified by my name than my looks

Opportunities come on seeing  our looks

but I am glad you are reading just because I am entertaining

Thank you for helping me get identified

My identity is “Explorewithmafaza”

I earned my identity and am glad you are a part of it 🙂

Entering a poem after a very very long break 🙂

I may edit and add more