Cinnamon rolls


I was made of flour

Mixed with eggs

And  a splash of  milk

A pinch of salt and a drop of oil

Together they became a ball of dough

I was raised for hours

They rolled me very neatly

Into  a thin sheet and sprinkled over

some sugar with a mix of cinnamon

Then carefully rolled together

Into a long roll and cut into six

Placed in a tray

And dumped in the oven

At 180 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes

Together I was baked

Warm and hot was my body

As I lay to cool

Over they drizzle a thick white glaze

That adorned my body

Which was soft and sweet

Together they devoured admiringly

They call me a cinnamon roll



It’s a roll of filo

Or you may layer them over

Very fragile Yet crispy and strong

Sandwiched with nuts

And drizzle with a syrup

Made of sugar or even honey

The filo is very fragile

And needs to be handle

With extreme care

and cuddle in a towel

Just make sure they dont tear

Or dry out quick and not over cooked

It is a greek

But mostly loved by the middleeastern

They can be rolled as a cylinder

or made into triangles

Just make sure you butter each layer

So that they are not undercooked

Baklava is a really a devine sweet

The entire world will love its fragile pastry

Stuffed with nuts and Sweetened with syrup20160912_165001-640x480


Food photography


Mornings are very productive part of a food photographer like me. We are those home based food bloggers with a Samsung S7 camera and the sunlight with a few props and backgrounds mostly made of kitchen towels and store bought materials.

Morning is the hour when I run to the window

To open it wide before the sunlight leaves

The sunlight is all that brings some color

To my food photography

I run to grab an egg or even a few slices of baguettes

It can even be a few fruits or some dried roses

All I need is a good photo

Which is only possible when the sun is out

And mostly in the mornings

I cook at night and save a bit

So I can take a better image in the morning

Mornings are for coffee, lunchboxes, laundry, kids lunch and anything that comes on the way

But I mostly look forward to the photos

This is a homemade quick breakfast

Which I put together  in less than 10 minutes

The tomatoes were grilled

The baguette was toasted with a bit of olive oil and garlic salt

The chives were heated in the same pan as the baguette

The egg was made to be a bit runny

And the pasta filata was cut and served as a side

Fear of being “unidentified”

Fear of being “unidentified”

We are often racing through a life  to discover and achieve to recognise our identity

We sometimes are busy publicising our identity that often we forget to live the moment

We sometimes struggle to identify unless we see the identity

Identity is important in this fast paced world that we are pushed to publish our photos

Fear of being unidentified has done the same to me but I’d say I will no longer fear

I am better of being identified by my name than my looks

Opportunities come on seeing  our looks

but I am glad you are reading just because I am entertaining

Thank you for helping me get identified

My identity is “Explorewithmafaza”

I earned my identity and am glad you are a part of it 🙂

Entering a poem after a very very long break 🙂

I may edit and add more


A Daily Post – My Road to blogging



I was 19 when I started my diploma in computing and I was a very reserved person who had a few friends. I used to watch television dramas during my free time mainly my interest was in Hindi dramas. One such drama was praveena (kasautii zindagii Kay) a story about a women named praveena and her life. As usual the story was a mixture of family, love, relationships and career. Praveena was a media person it’s not that I loved the story but it was a mere amusement. It was about the job the main character and her co actors were involved on which was journalism according to the story and it was through that story I got to know what media was and what their responsibilities and duties are, after watching that drama I wanted to learn more about the real life media and journalism. I then started my search for knowledge of the journalism and media.
I started with news papers. During that time I dint own a mobile phone and dreamt of being a software engineer soon, I was not familiar with the internet although I was following a diploma in information and communication technology I only had access to a desktop computer.
After a year my dad gave his old mobile phone for me to use and that’s when I was introduced to the internet and came across WordPress while doing a random search for publishing articles online, by which time I was aspiring to be a famous writer.
I always wanted to write and share my articles. I wanted a wide range of audience. I created my first ever account on WordPress. I did publish only one article and dint know how to neither use nor customize a WordPress account. I missed track of my WordPress account after a few days and never logged in to my blog for a few years.
Many years went by spending time writing on books and saving them in my cupboard. A year before I got married and living abroad.
A few months before my brother-in-law was discussing about working online and the demand for WordPress software developers. Suddenly I remembered my blog and logged in to discover that I’ve forgotten my password, after a few steps I gained access to my blog. It was easy to start blogging as I did a good deal of research on blogging watched a few videos.
I listed down three points –
1. What is blogging?
2. What should I post?
3. How should I post?
Immediately I began going through a few blogs, learning about WordPress and published my first ever blog post. It was a recipe and I dint have much plans except to see how things worked and what exactly people like to see on my blog.
I was impatiently waiting for a couple of days and on the third day I had a message in my inbox. As I opened my mail I was really happy and overwhelmed with joy as if I succeeded in my lifetime ambition.
Yes, I did! All I wanted was to write and get a great deal of audience to my blog and share with them my interest, my passion and my skills.
I was so happy that I sent my husband a message with a link to my blog within a week I started getting a few visits and only one like.
I did not give up, I was satisfied with that one like.
I told myself, this is enough you can get through maf.
Blogging is for every one of us the trick is to know the expectations of our audience and who they are?
There is no rule that one should have a degree to post an article on a blog and you don’t have to get your articles approved by an editor to publish it. That is what I love about blogging, the freedom of expression with the freedom to post all articles in our own style is what this wonderful blogging platform provides. Hats off to the WordPress team.
After many posts and following my fellow bloggers I came across the challenges. I love challenges and badly wanted to be a part of one challenge. The first time I entered was with the help of a fellow blogger whom I have never met except via WordPress asked her a few tips on how to participate on writing challenge. The main aim I wanting to enter a challenge was to be featured and freshly pressed on WordPress. We all do want our posts to be freshly pressed don’t we?
So did I and started writing and posting articles and pictures on a writing or photo challenge. I always believed that my posts are worth to be freshly pressed and every time I see other posts being featured on freshly pressed I was rather disappointed but determined to post something even better the next time.
I was wandering around with many questions and I believe each and every blogger should find an answer to the questions below –
1. My first question was why should I be disappointed if I am not freshly pressed?
2. What have I received on participating in the weekly challenges?
3. What do I really want from blogging?
4. Why do I blog?
5. Haven’t I received a large number of audiences within this short period of frequent blogging?
6. Isn’t a few likes and views more than enough as a first step in my blogging life?
7. Have I posted goo quality articles and pictures to suit my audience?
8. Isn’t getting a good amount of views from bloggers around the world my only aim?
9. Haven’t I improved my writing skills by participating in weekly writing challenges?
10. Do I need to be freshly pressed to be happy?
I found answers to each question as went through other blogs. I have more reasons to be happy than being freshly pressed.
On top of all I have improved my writing and blogging skills, interacted with many people from around the world, and shared many posts that my audience liked and what more can I expect.
Yes if I was freshly pressed that would be one of my achievements.
But I have received many views and many likes for posts that I have published as a participant of a weekly challenge, that’s what I wanted.
All I wanted through blogging is to improve my writing skills, share my passion, my knowledge and socialize with people around the world and I have achieved my target. Now I know what I want, and have got a clear idea on which I should focus.
I am an addicted blogger. I love blogging.
I know many of us might think the same way as I did about being freshly pressed as our only aim and that’s because we are addicted bloggers.
Dear valuable readers,

Don’t worry if you are freshly pressed or not. All that matters are why you started blogging and what have you done to reach your aim? If your time comes you will get freshly pressed until then participate, post and have fun.
Life has thought me many lessons but blogging has given me a great deal of experience which I wouldn’t have gained if I wasn’t a blogger.
I am now a happy guest blogger, the author of shopaholic’s diary on WordPress and a freelance writer.
My friends ask me what I do and my answer is ” I Blog”.
My life was always filled with books and I spent most of my weekends at the British council library going through every shelf. The amazing interior and peaceful atmosphere at the British council library encouraged me to stay there longer and I enjoyed every moment. Now I live in another country where the British council library is not available and I have no time for libraries but I spare most of my time for blogging.
I would like to mention last but not least that this is my first ever post with more than 1000 words and I have discovered that anyone can write any amount of words if they write it passionately.
Guys if you’ll love blogging as much as I do, copy and paste the badge in your blogs if you wish (just for fun).
Happy blogging to all you guys!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Big

A huge chandelier that is approx 10-12 foot in height and around 6-7 foot width made out of 100.000 crystals, Gold plated over the silver I was really amazed by the size of this chandelier standing besides it admiring the beauty and surprised by the size of it I was glad the shop owner gladly gave me permission to take a few pictures of this humongous chandelier