Global Village 2014

This year the global village visit was just to have dinner and walk around. Ever since the global village opened for its 19th season this year I was aiming to make a visit. It’s always better to go in the first few months of its opening as there is a lot of happening and entertainment. Like the news headlines on papers this season was bigger and better than ever before. I have been to the 16th and 17th seasons and never got fed up or tired of walking around the global village venue. Something always pleases me there and one of those is the food, but this season it was a combination of food and entertainment. I tried my hands reluctantly on a few fantasy games and wasted my money but had some fun and returned with a cow and dog soft toy 🙂
We started off with having an Egyptian fatayer dinner which was very filling at a small shop close to the entrance. The weather was amazing and the global village is the best place to hangout during winter in Dubai. There is some kind of entertainment for all ages and it’s worth the walk. If you are a mobile phone photographer its best to visit between 4-6 in the evening as you can get some amazing photos during that time.
Recently a friend online asked for suggestions for a place to take her visiting friends in Dubai and I suggested global village. She said her friends like food and like to be somewhere they can try a variety, can there be a better place than global village? Ofcourse not. So whether you’re a foodies or a person who is looking for different experiences global village is a not to be missed when you visit Dubai in winter.

The Egyptian fatayer rotti was more like the Sri Lankan thin rottis which we call beach rotti. The fatayer was so thin and very large. A cheese was spread on the centre and a layer of chicken or sausage which was then folded and looked like a stuffed flat rotti. It was fine but the sausage was a bit too salty for me. I guess the sweet version would be good too.

Our next try was very confusing as we walked along the global village food court all sorts of flavors and aromas were calling my name as I drooled along trying to read the names of the restaurants and admire the newcomers and their interior. I hardly can remember their names as I was so mesmerized by their appearance. Somehow we managed to pass the food court without trying anything as we were stuffed with the fatayer. It was the fantasy games that drove us nuts by calling us play a few games and finally spent some money and walked out of the games section and again we were drawn towards this lovely tiny cart shop that sold hot dogs and it says it German hot dogs.
Their concept was really nice and the way the cart was looked very cute. I decided to try hot dogs because of the look of the cart and really wanted to see them use those lovely squeeze bottles of sauce which was hanging in the front. Really it is a unique concept not sure if it’s available elsewhere but never seen in Dubai, Sri Lanka or India.
There was nothing unique about the hotdogs though, they were same as the hot dogs you get everywhere but the price was reasonable and a nice experience.
I guess why they called it German hot dogs must be they were from German am sure the hot dogs weren’t 

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Our final spend was at a karak chai shop which served us a tea and am sure it was not karak chai. I just tasted milk, tea and sugar. That particular shop was closing I guess and we asked for karak chai they served plain chain. Karak chai is something has spicy taste with a few spices like cardamon and cinnamon I guess so this had no sign of any spices, not even a pepper flake fallen by mistake 

Ok that was not the last stop we also got some kunafa from a Turkish stall and wow I have never tried kunafa before and this was so delicious and authentic. Yes the kunafa was totally Turkish, I know you’re wondering how I can be so sure its Turkish when I have never tried it, but this particular thing has a good taste that is so perfect to its name And I have seen videos and recipes which say how a kunafa looks or tastes so that’s how am sure it’s the very original Turkish kunafa.
I have seen stores sell this kunafa pastry but never wanted to try thinking the pastry might be hard but this was so soft and tender at the same time a bit of crispy. They served it hot and in this winter it was the perfect dessert to end a weekend. The cream cheesy filling in the centre was delicious. Now I feel like trying my hands on making this kunafa.
Sadly we couldn’t take a picture as it was the last stop and we were hurrying home and ate it in the car.

Finally the global village season 19 is visited and experienced. It’s big. Its better. It is very awesome. The only outdoor place to eat, play, shop and hangout during winter and experience 70 different countries this season.