Weekly writing challenge : Freelancing Do’s & Don’ts

Working online to earn an extra income has become one of the most sought and enjoyable by many nowadays with the technology having developed and communication made easier.
As a result there are many trustworthy online working sites that provide services free of charge where people can post a job and apply for jobs.
Online working is mainly considered by many employers to get their work done at a very low-cost. Whereas many employees look for part-time jobs online mainly because they can work and earn during their free time at the comfort of their own home or office.
I have read some people describing that working online is their only source of income and their full-time job.
Some of them who work part-time are women and some do it as a hobby and make use of their talent.
Living in the modern world  where everything is almost a click away and communicating with people made easier with the  rapid use of Internet, laptops and mobile phones it’s never a hurdle to answer and keep in touch with whoever you want.
Communication is the key to success no matter if it’s your job, a relationship or friendship.
Communicating very often helps us build a very strong bond and trust amongst one another, which is mainly important while working online.
Employers trust the person who is willing to work for them in return the employee trusts the person whom he/she works for and completes the tasks he or she is assigned with confidence.
It is every employer’s duty to pay as he or she promised once the job is completed. It is also every employee’s responsibility to take jobs that he or she is capable of completing as promised.
Fake promises and low quality work not only gives you a bad reputation it also spoils the entire community where you live.
Here are some points to consider while working online for employees and employers which should be followed in order to build a long-lasting relationship and trust.


  1. Always keep up to your word.
  2. Be punctual (if you agree to complete a task within a certain time period do complete before the said date and time) some appreciate your punctuality and pay bonus.
  3. Always commit yourself 100% to whatever work.
  4. Reply to any messages immediately and promptly (if you’re working online maximum reply within 24 hours) Remember employers appreciate quick responders and it’s also more important for an employer to respond regarding the job posting ASAP
  5. Always provide quality work with original content.
  6. If you are working for a client who has a good ranking in whatever site they are, do not request for an advance payment.
    • Showing people how much you trust them will make them keep the trust (this apply to all relationships)
  7. If you’re an employer remember  always update your posting, some employers post jobs and cancel by simply providing a reason after many days, in that way you’re wasting both parties time.
  8. Employers – always make sure to change the status of the job as selected a candidate if you already got someone from another source (there are  many who just post the job and don’t even bother the number of contractors who applied, nor feel any responsibility and never turn up).
  9. Before applying for a job online check the client’s profile.
  10. If you’re an employer always pay as you promised never ever run away with a completed task.


  1. Never promise something you are not capable of doing and unable to complete on time.
  2. Never request for an unreasonable amount when working online (remember you’re doing this to earn a part-time income and the clients also does have a particular budget for the job) most employers give priority for a reasonable fee or low-budget.
  3. Never plagiarise any content of any form (that’s really a cheap way to work). Technology has developed and there are many ways of testing contents for their originality.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you know the person who is working for you or if he is a first timer, building trust is very difficult and breaking a trust is very easy. Trust is like a mirror once you put it down and the glasses are shattered you can never paste it together, even if you try you’ll never look good in front of that mirror.  As some people say beauty is not in the appearance it all lays in character.  Being a trust worthy person is the most important character you should have as a person working online. The person at the other end cannot see you but they can understand you through your words. This applies to all sorts of relationship.


I really enjoyed writing this article although this is my first time writing an article on this particular topic about the do’s and don’ts of freelancing it was really easy to compile this post. The main reason was I had a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding this topic which I discovered only after reading this weeks writing challenge.

I am an online writer who believes that trust is more important than money. what do you think?

All details in this article are my very own.