It’s a roll of filo

Or you may layer them over

Very fragile Yet crispy and strong

Sandwiched with nuts

And drizzle with a syrup

Made of sugar or even honey

The filo is very fragile

And needs to be handle

With extreme care

and cuddle in a towel

Just make sure they dont tear

Or dry out quick and not over cooked

It is a greek

But mostly loved by the middleeastern

They can be rolled as a cylinder

or made into triangles

Just make sure you butter each layer

So that they are not undercooked

Baklava is a really a devine sweet

The entire world will love its fragile pastry

Stuffed with nuts and Sweetened with syrup20160912_165001-640x480


The Stroller blogger

I don’t have a picture of myself witha stroller so I drew it 🙂


I started of cooking and posting then i moved on to sharing photographs.  Later it became restaurant reviewing in the meantime I did attend a few events that all had a great impact in my food blogging journey.

This is where my stroller came to light. I started off strolling over the blog with names that interested me and suddenly one day I thought all these names had no uniquenessin them. Then didn’t say a thing about my blog or didn’t reflect on myself.

This is where the new name “Explorewithmafaza” came up and I am sure everyone likes it.

I may have stolled from one name as a shopaholic travel diary to travel and food worldwide and then the recipe writer. But explore with mafaza is the real meaning of my blog. Yes, everything I post here is something I explore everyday or something I like you to explore with me. Explore is a word that reflects my blogger in me. I enjoy exploring for which I  need to travel and as a mother of 2 kids I have to either keep them and go or take them along. This is where my next stroller comes as a rescue. Yes I have attended the italian cuisine world summit in 2014 with eldest boy at age 1 believe me it was a challenge. I know some might have wondered why on earth did I bring a kid in to a masterclass but trust me I did manage him and the class. The people who attended were very helpful too and they all loved my kid. Then I did attend a restaurant launch with my eldest. Later I was perg eith the 2nd which made me take a break and again I attended  a restaurant review and media tasting with both my boys and the stroller was a great help to atleast kee one in place. I wish I had a twin stroller.

I strolled the streets of dubai with my stroller a “quiny zap extra” and now a “juniors” and Ilike the handle of the zap while the juniors is more travel friendly.

Well yes I stroll the streets and roads of dubai with my stroller. I enjoy it but 2 kids for travel is not an easy think to handle so I have limited my ling distance travel. I would go anywhere if i can bring my stroller along and if it’s not allowed I’d rather stay home and cook up a meal or watch some television or even create a blog post.

There have been instances where people used to ask in comments if it was me with a stroller.


Don’t laugh

My kids love travelling as much as I do and I make sure they are comfortable.

To top it all my inspiration is the news that said a minister of a country bought her 10 month old baby to the parliament.




I forgot to mention make flat thin ovals and then dip in egg and coat with breadcrumbs you can even make any other shapes.
Try this recipe and post your pictures.
Tag me on instagram as #explorewithmafaza and i will retweet 🙂

Eggless Cake


1/2 cup whole meal flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup sunflower oil
1/3 cup water
2 pinches baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1. Add the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda in a deep bowl and mix
2. Make 3 wells in the dry mixture
3. Pour the vanilla, oil and water into the 3 wells
4. Mix the entire ingredients using a fork
5. Divide batter into 7 baking cups line with baking parchment or cases
6. Bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees in a pre heated oven.
Cool completely before serving

You can add bit of flavour by topping the cake batter with some orange zest or a spoon of dulche de leche or a few tablespoons of cocoa so that you can have a chocolate flavour.
I added a few chocolate chips too to make it a variety.

When you cook your the master

So your with your ingredients

I can believe that I have started baking eggless and butterless oh it means dairy free 🙂

Claypot Shawarma

20140822_211751_Richtone(HDR)I have to admit that shawarmas have played a nice role in my life. In sri lanka you get the wraps which are very thicl and the filling is very spicy. My mum loves it and we often had it for dinner. In dubai the shawarmas are very thin with a mild filling that has a very nice texture as you take every bite. I recently read that shawarma is the meat filling and not the wrap. I know its a shame I dint know that before but trust me it takes time to explore the food as the world is too small yet each country has it own way of serving some things that makes the food world too big. It takes a lot of time when you try exploring various cuisines if you really want to know the originality. So it took me time to get married and move to dubai to know whats an original arabic shawarma like and yea even they have some differences yet they are all so delicious that am a shawarma fan.
So when i browsed the shelves at the supermarket And found that maggi has a shawarma mix I just grabbed it thinking and was thinking what to serve it with.
I then decided i will make a claypot shawarma as I love to cook on a clay pot.
It’s actually something like an experiment.

The recipe at the back of the pack called for fresh chopped tomatoes and yogurt which I didn’t have so I decided to substitute tomato paste instead of tomatoes and used the sweet apricot yogurt as I had no plain yogurt.

And yes the recipe ask for baking so i cooked it on the claypot making it a claypot shawarma recipe.
The aroma of tempering onions on the claypot was so nice that I was so excited.

I served this with some chapatti and sprinkled some pomegranates on top of the shawarma curry just to give it an arabian touch.

How I did the shawarma curry in my clay pot –
1. Cleaned, washed and drained boneless chicken beasts.
2. Add the shawarma mix, 100 grams tomato paste, 2 teaspoon apricot yogurt and mix the chicken wwell to coat.
3. Temper half an onion chopped in 3 teaspoon olive oil.
4. Add the chicken with the marination and leave closed for 5 minutes in a low heat.
5. Add 2 cups of water and cook until the chicken is tender.
6. You can choose how much gravy ypu need and turn off heat.
7. Serve hot with chappati.

The flavour was so good and delicious.

Dinner @ HATAM, Burjuman

So as me and my son are back in Dubai and we thought taking our son out for a walk would be ideal as he feels like an alien already and seemed like he misses sri lanka. So we drove towards Dubai mall and met up with a humongous line up of vehicles waiting to enter the parking. It was no wonder as the weekends are always jam packed in many malls so we decided to head over to Burjuman. It was my husband’s idea and was less crowded. As we walked around Burjuman heading towards the food court looking for somewhere to sit and eat. Yes Burjuman centre had a very nice food court in their new phase which had upstairs as well.
I wanted to sit up in one of those cabins and eat in style after all it’s my first weekend out in Dubai after my vacation. So we decided to go for grills and chose to dine at HATAM. Am not sure what cuisines they serve but it sure is Arabic food. There menu was awesome. I asked the manager to get us a seating upstairs and he straight away rejected saying “no ma’am, we don’t give upstairs seating”, is that it? Well I saw the opposite restaurant masala house served food upstairs for the customers. I was disappointed. They might or might not have a proper reason for not providing upstairs dining but it was very impolite. Anyway as they were the only ones who had a grills option we decided to sit and eat though not hungry.
The person took the order in a few minutes and went away.
Serving was quick and we were in no time digging into our plates. The portion was fine. Even my 9 month old enjoyed the piece of rotti 🙂

20140425_211533 20140425_212032 20140425_212347 20140425_212945

The salad was good and I loved the kebabs. It was a mixed grill with rice.
Finally as we finished our meals and paid for it we walked out towards the parking taking pictures as any tourist would do and finally I remembered that we were not served hot water as I requested and they even forgot to provide Bavaria as ordered. It was good they dint charge for it though. Anyway the first weekend in Dubai dinner was good :