Brownie Photoshoot


It’s not easy when you are a budding food crave for perfection. You crave for good food. You crave day and night in your dreams while eating and walking. Everytime you crave for the perfect shot. That moment you get the perfect photograph you start craving for the very best in perfection.
One struggles and becomes indecisive that you start clicking 100’s of photos of just one dish in various angles and many backgrounds. As an amateur I got stuck in the world of perfect photography. I baked my own brownies and did a shoot a like internet pictures assignment and did all these photographs through my mobile camera.
I became indecisive and fell inove with all the images.
Vote for one 🙂

I am preparing myself to become a food stylist in dubai.

World Food Photography Day 2013

Posting for a food and travel blog is not as easy as one might think. It has taken me a year to get to this level of photography and writing all about food and travel. All these years I’ve learnt photographs are what attracts readers to a site and an example is my own self. I go on google search and click on images. I visit sites that display good quality pictures. So each and everyone should be similar which is why I decided to focus on improvising my photos and developing a good content.
All the experience and research taught me that travel photographs should have a good light effect and highlight the area where as food photographs must be taken in good light while the food itself should be displayed in light color plates with a background to suit.
Food served in white plates look more appetising and delicious when photographed.

Here are some pictures from my recent buffet dinner at colombos leading hotel where CHOGM delegates and participants are accommodated the Kingsbury.

I post this today to celebrate world food photography day 2013.


The starters


The mains


A srilankam touch


The dessert