Cinnamon rolls


I was made of flour

Mixed with eggs

And  a splash of  milk

A pinch of salt and a drop of oil

Together they became a ball of dough

I was raised for hours

They rolled me very neatly

Into  a thin sheet and sprinkled over

some sugar with a mix of cinnamon

Then carefully rolled together

Into a long roll and cut into six

Placed in a tray

And dumped in the oven

At 180 degrees Celcius for 15 minutes

Together I was baked

Warm and hot was my body

As I lay to cool

Over they drizzle a thick white glaze

That adorned my body

Which was soft and sweet

Together they devoured admiringly

They call me a cinnamon roll



Teacup Brownie


It’s microwavable
It’s for 3 people
Its ready in 7 minutes

After a good sushi meal I was craving for my sisters brownies. She does make good brownies and I love them, it’s more like a cake and less chewy. I dint ask her for the recipe but tried to make my own remembering the ingredients she used.
These becamea bit chewy yet so delicious.
A post in future
I see my book coming together in the near future 🙂

The Small Bakery at the Other end of my block

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I have recently started using public transport to go around for my blogging events and find it very easy to get around in Dubai. The bus and train schedules are easily accessible from the RTA by calling and that’s the best way to plan any journey in Dubai and yea the Google maps also seem to be very accurate. Earlier i never went out for blogging it was always things in my kitchen or things I ran into while i did my grocery shopping that has been on the blog so far or the few restaurants and places i visited in Sri Lanka with my family. Although running around in buses and trains with a stroller and boy who is one and half is a bit tough I take it as a challenge. Sometimes it’s very stressful and I don’t take all events or activities just a few that are very informative or knowledgeable is what I look for when planning to attend events. The first event I wanted to attend was the just falafel but I couldn’t get a proper map so sadly I couldn’t attend the event. That’s when I decided I will be a recipe writer and tester. That’s when my blog found the new name “the recipe writer”. I have plans to make it a self hosted domain soon as I get a paid blogging job.
So getting back to my topic, recently I met two ladies from a company for an interview and had a good chat and that’s when I felt that they were surprised to know international city had a Carrefour. Of course international city has its own Carrefour and lulu express. They did have a spinney’s too and now it’s closed. This international city in Dubai is really a city as it’s surrounded with different sorts of restaurants and cafes and they keep growing day by day. One such restaurant I really like from the outside is the hush café which looks a bit posh. I have never tried it though. Carrefour is at the other end of international city from my block and it’s a 1500 foot steps which I counted the last time I went to get some bananas and check for a magazine. On the way I was so interested in checking out this tiny bakery which had a large amount of dough ready to become a rotti. Every time I walk for the bus I see the shop workers getting ready to roll that dough and grill them in this beautiful oven. The place is filled with the aroma of grilling rotti. These rottis are so large and soft while they are different from the Arabic rotti or the shawarma rotti. Shawarma rottis are a little hard while these rottis are soft in texture. Shawarma rottis have chances of getting harder when refrigerated or reheated and these rottis don’t. This rotti is the Pakistani rotti. They both taste good Sharma rottis are delicious when wrapped in shawarma meat while these Pakistani rottis go well with a chicken kurma or mutton keema. This world has a variety of rottis and they all taste unique in there own way. I decided to buy a rotti and try it which was only 1 dirham and the shop keeper asked me how many rottis I need, I said 1 and he was like 1? Yea they are cheap but it was for trying purpose and we hardly eat carbs on weekdays so I just got one rotti. It tasted good with my dhal and Sri Lankan chillie paste as I dint have any kurma or spicy chicken gravy in my fridge.
Finally I have discovered the difference between two large rottis which are both my favorites.
now am so tired of walking that far and writing this far.

so the quest for a Pakistani rotti has ended here.


English Stew in Dubai Winter

I remember when I was a kid loving the site of snow on movies, I used to watch home alone every school vacation with my brother and we would wake up early just to watch holiday movies. Mostly in December is when I love watching home alone. It just gives the holiday spirit with a winter touch and decorations all around. Although in sri Lanka we never experience snow or a very cool climate especially in colombo except during rainy days watching these movies that shows snowing scenes gives me a mere pleasure. I literally enter the movie as a viewer and experience the event and that’s why I love watching movies with snowing scenes or atmosphere.
Having moved to Dubai in June it was very hot and the beginning of summer in June 2011. It’s been 3 and a half years now and I’ve experienced 3 winters in Dubai. I just love the winter in Dubai and believe it’s better than snowing weather. I hardly can bear the cool weather yet I really really enjoy it. Like the movies I watched I see the interior and food fill the shops and stores in Dubai with winter goods and decorations. I just love roaming around here especially during the evenings as I enjoy the bright lit roads of Dubai.

“They call it Christmas, I call it winter”. mafaza haleem

According to me one other thing related to winter or makes me feel so like winter apart from the weather is food. Food plays a major role in winter. That’s when making large pots of stew at 4 pm in the afternoon make the house warming. Having hot chocolates over a movie and dinner is something I just love about winter.
It was a very cool evening as I opened the window and the house was filled with the aroma of my beef stew cooking on my pressure cooker at a very low heat.
I checked online for some British stew recipes and found felicity cloakes article on the guardian very informative. she had a detailed post on the basic ingredients used on a British stew and how they helped enhance the flavor of the stew. she has researched through many cookbooks on making a British stew. the article highlights the basic ingredients which were meat, onion, carrots and some vegetables. she also mentions barley or dumplings also can be added depending on the author. after reading this article it reminded me of the soup we make in sri Lanka. it’s like a traditional in our family ad some functions we have lunch which we call “soup and rice” as basically the best part is having rice with soup though there will be 5-6 varieties of curry and vegetables served along with the rice and soup.

usually the soup we call is like a stew, very thick but we preserve some extra liquid so we can pour on our rice and drink the remaining. basically our soup which has a stew like texture is made with the leg part of the cow or goat and some vegetables which we also call “soup badu” or “soup stuff”. In the local market if we ask for soup badu they with give a bag filled with  a slice of cabbage, a few leeks, a carrot, a potato, a radish and some green beans. we also use barley and dhal as a thickening agent and once I tried substituting broken wheat instead of barley which had no difference in the texture.  we season the soup with some salt, pepper and turmeric and some cumin powder.

so making this British stew was a different experience as I used some stew mix which i had on my shelf and needs to be used up before I leave for my vacation in sri Lanka. although my soup and British stew were having a similar texture they both are two different dishes because a stew is slow cooked while my soup id fast cooked or pressure cooked. though i used my pressure cooker for the stew it was cooked for nearly an hour on a very low flame which only released 2 whistles in that 1 hour.

I believe I have unlocked the British stew successfully and is moving onto some German food. lets get back with another food story until then have a nice day.





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