Serve English breakfast in a can

Here is  small inspiration from me to all my followers

We do love beans, bread and egg for breakfast or you do. Well yea it’s the English breakfast.  Well I don’t fancy beans but if it is served differently I do like to try. Now I decided to get my beans and bread Breakfast fix differently and with all those innovative molecular gastronomy around town in dubai and the restaurants serving food in cute tiny play containers and toy trucks or atleast they look so cute as toys. I decided why not reuse the bean can and serve myself some breakfast in it and make me feel like having at one of those fancy dinning outlets. Oh I sure have tried a few fancy places but not all of them. With the summer at it’s peak I find it tough to travel and experience much. Breakfast time on weekends is always late and it’s tough to drive somewhere and grab something with 2 kids under 3.

So thats a bit of jabbering done.

Ok grab your beans

Warm it.

Slice the bread and toast it.

Make your egg the way you like it.

Wash the bean can and stuff it with the beans.

Place the rest around and enjoy with a fold or spoon or just get messy with your fingers. We ain’t watching.

All that matters is you gotta enjoy it.

Breakfast done.

Oh I’ve got no ham or sausages as we have stopped consuming it much so yes you can add them too.



Brownie Photoshoot


It’s not easy when you are a budding food crave for perfection. You crave for good food. You crave day and night in your dreams while eating and walking. Everytime you crave for the perfect shot. That moment you get the perfect photograph you start craving for the very best in perfection.
One struggles and becomes indecisive that you start clicking 100’s of photos of just one dish in various angles and many backgrounds. As an amateur I got stuck in the world of perfect photography. I baked my own brownies and did a shoot a like internet pictures assignment and did all these photographs through my mobile camera.
I became indecisive and fell inove with all the images.
Vote for one 🙂

I am preparing myself to become a food stylist in dubai.

Food styling stuff

So many beautiful photographs of food has always lifted my appetite while encouraged me to try taking similar photos while I post on my blog. I have read many food photography articles which have really helped me to learn how to take photographs of my food. I am so addicted in practicing them that i have started spending a few dirhams on buying the utensils and cloths. I fancy checkered cloths when I take photographs in the morning and for breakfast recipe photos.  I believe that red and white checkered backgrounds make it more bright and gives a picnic look for the post. I love picnics which I only have been once to a teachers house from school on my third grade.  It was so nice and I enjoyed my meal shared with a friend sitting on the green grass. I believe that a picnic rule is to spread a red and white checkered cloth.


The second material I mostly have liked on many photographs is the jute material.  It gives a very rustic and spicy look for the photograph. I ended up buying a lot of jute material so that I can make small bags and store my spices in them which am not sure when I will accomplish.


The third material is cross stitch canvas, I’ve worked on it at  school but I love the look of it on food photographs as it gives a very clean and neat background (according to myself).
I asked for a metre and later found its the most expensive item on the store. I ended up buying too much which I can share with anyone who is willing.


I wanted  cheese boards and I wanted to get something like Jamie olivers boards on which he serve some kind of food (the name I cannot remember). Its so colorful and looks devine. So here I went shopping for boards they are not that expensive yet very heavy. I am gonna paint them both sides and use them as I want.


Did I mention I like wooden backgrounds and trays if not thats it. I love wooden stuff. I think every pantry should own something wooden apart from the pantry cupboard itself.
Wooden trays are very expensive. Some go upto 60 dirhams for a small one while large ines even cost 100 dirhams. I am not gonna get that expensive trays at the moment as am still a basic food photographer.  I need to sharpen my skills and prove I am good to own very expensive utensils. Until then I got myself this small round wooden tray thats just 25 dirhams. Ots a bit too costly yet I’ve gotta pay for the wood.



I’ve mentioned in many of my posts that I love cooking on clay pots and this is the one pot I got 6 months ago and luggage restrictions stopped me from carrying this to dubai and it’s been patiently waiting in my  cupboard until I return. So am now back here and is responsible to give it priority or it will break of sorrow. These pots are just 10 dirhams and are light weight stuff. I missed them so much and can’t wait to take them to see dubai.
Trust me tempering onions and curry leaves in them oh I have no words to describe.  It’s just so refreshing.



This basket is gonna be used for decorative purpose.  Its made of kithul wood. Oh kithul that ine tree has a is so beneficial in every way.  The kithul treacle and jaggery is so healthy and recommended for diabetes while kithul flour is also being produced.  Kithul wood is being used to make beautiful baskets, spoons and many other stuff. They are so traditional looking and are suitable for styling a very traditional dish. This basket cost me just 20 dirhams and can hold a kilogram of onions.
The spoon made of kithul wood also cost me 20 dirhams and should be wiped after each wash to preserve it and prevent it from getting fungus.



Cane products play a significant role when it comes to cupcakes and fruits. The highlight the fruits. Although only 15 dirhams each they are huge and light weight stuff and are worth spending on as the uses are unlimited.


Oh dear I just saw an jmage of a boiled egg in this so I bought it. Good for photography and is just 4 inches in height and cost me 12 dirhams.


Isnt it a beauty??? This is only 18 dirhams and so traditional looking.  This bowl reminds me of a modern vaddah.
Coconut tree is one other plant that we can benefit in multiple ways. Starting with coconut and ending with broomsticks, spoons and bowls. The coconut tree has created a memorable mark in a household by being at every household in some or the other way (especially in sri lanka).
My next investment is gonna be for this bowl. Anyone else like to get one from sri lanka? Please email me I will get it.
It’s 40 days tomorrow since my dad passed away and am still not ready to blog about my food adventure here back in sri lanka. Although am so impressed by the food photos and recipes I come across everyday especially fooderati arabia am not yet ready to gear up on my blog. I want to keep up with my followers and inform all of you’ll that I will be back soon in sha allah with something nice.

So when I dont cook to blog I shop to cook.

My Weekly Food Diary


 I am a beginner in food styling but A pro in cooking

now how can i say am a pro in cooking?

well yes am not boasting but i do really know how to cook ingredients together. my week was so productive and i cooked up a few low carb meals while in the meantime did some food styling with my previous weeks leftovers.


Sunday Dinner

Its always good and healthy to have food with less oil. we all love french fries and backed potatoes but they do taste differently although both are from potatoes. i decided to grill the potatoes on a griddle and it turned out well.



Monday Dinner

Low Carb meal for dinner

having a low carb meal is not something i fancy but my husband likes it which is why i was tempted to try my own ideas with some inspiration from online sites recipes which i hardly went through many months ago but had a quick glimpse at the photos. now i do agree images do matter alot. someone can be creative and recreate a dish by just looking at the image of a finished product. isn’t that marvelous. which is why am working on taking photographs with a good sense of food styling and bit of lighting with my 16 mp s4 mobile.


dinner was vegetarian lasagna. it was so yummy will post  recipe soon.

Tuesday Breakfast


I’ve herd people say they had pouched eggs, i even have seen Jamie olive do it on television but I’ve never tried it not tasted it. so my breakfast on Tuesday was pouched eggs. i wanted to video my pouching but decided against it due to my fear of ending up with a pot full of egg pieces floating on the water. finally i should say my pouched egg was such a success now who said you need to learn the how to poach and egg?



Tuesday Dinner



oh meat loafs are so easy to make and are simple yet delicious.

i see meat loafs as a substitute for steak. i served my very own version of meat loaf with some mash potatoes a left over from kfc meal 🙂



Thursday breakfast



Thursday mornings make me lazy cos the next day is a Friday and a weekend. i love weekends cos its always carb meals and my husband eats them with no objections. so Thursday breakfast was pancake with some kithul treacle and the left over batter went into these lovely bunt cups which I’ve been waiting to use for the past 6 months since i got it delivered from eBay. its microwavable and i love the shape.




 something new



so i decided to try the egg pie which my husband kept sending pictures of when i was in sri Lanka. its was like a tart filled with caramel mixture which my mum makes and baked. yea it was good.



for the very first time in my life i tested a recipe for spinneys magazine in Dubai and this is my photo shoot for the recipe. await the recipe on their June issue.



this was labelled as unniappam but tasted same as our sri lankan kevum. i love kevums its a sinhala new year special sweet.


food styling practice done last week, have i improved????