Sizzle over T20 Cricket

Oh wow that proud moment when sri lanka won the T20 world cup last night.  I have stayed away from watching cricket from start to end since I got married and was always concerned to find out who won.
That was it and last night was the same scenario until the sizzling food in front of me called for some entertainment and non was more suitable than watching T20 world cup. Sri lankans playing their way all over in Bangladesh and the excitement I got after every 6’s and fours made me go back to my spinster days when I used to watch the cricket from start to end praying sri lanka should win.
Todays match was sure an unforgettable one for me and for the two retiring cricket legends of sri lanka sanga and mahela.
Amidst this good cricket I managed to get a few videos of my sizzling food and drink which I really enjoyed sharing on Instagram.




The smoking lemon juice with the dancing slice of lime cheering the cricket on screen was fun. It was so bubbly and I managed to get hold of that ice cube which was making the juice smoke and boil and finally ended up placing it under the straw so the straw choke and splashed lime juice all over the table. Thats a nice fun game if it was not just lime juice I’d repeat it.



The hot sizzling main course I chose seafood and my choice was the best. It was easy to eat, delicious and filling. I find the chicken dish a bit hard.



The nutty brownie with an ice cream hat which lay around boiling caramel which was really hot and bubbly.
I tried to spoon all three into my mouth and burnt my tongue.  I still feel the pain of eating hot food yet I love food while its a bit warm not boiling hot.

Do visit my Instagram page to watch the video as am not able to upload the videos here. Soon I will upgrade my account until then enjoy my pictures.
I think the food at sizzles is too expensive although the portion is filling and the experience is unique which is fine to dine at the sizzle once but not twice. They do add extra charges for vat, tax and service charges which I believe most restaurants include in the price list of the food and are often hidden on the bill which makes the bill reasonable.
All in all the sizzle is something you should visit on rainy days and during winter but good only for visit once not twice I wouldn’t like to go back. Food is good but expensive as we can go for buffet at kingsburry for that cost. Going there with kids get a stroller or pram and some toys to keep babies entertained.
Kids above two can color which they provide paper and colors at the restaurant and they display the work at the front notice board.
Check their menu online at the sizzle srilanka so you can plan ahead.
They do have takeaway and delivery.





My first recipe book was my very own recipe note-book from my first ever cookery school. I travelled around South India and went over to “landmark” which I will call as the one stop shop for all your needs. It has a section of books that can make some bookworm lost. I was a fan of novels until a few years ago.
I used to browse on all books by my favourite authors while I never ignored those lovely cook books that beautified the shelves with delicious images. During my last visit before the wedding shopping I went over to the cookbooks section and selected a few books which I left over without buying as my parents already checked out the stuff and left the store. I still feel sad for missing that golden opportunity. I never came across that book until now even on logos hope the worlds largest floating book store.
My second cookbook was 100 cakes which I bought at odel Colombo when I was 21. I have turned the pages of the book many times when i feel like looking at some recipes but never tried any recipes. I always thought that glycerine and liquid glucose was some kind of a medicinal ingredient.  As a person who have never tried cake decorating with fondant it was kind of alien words. As I say that I agree that I’ve always been addicted to watching television programs that demonstrate the delicious art of cooking. I used to keep a note-book and write down some recipes and through television demonstrations is which I learnt how to make pooris and wadeys.

As time passed on I adopted my moms habit of cutting down recipes from newspapers and collecting them. I was a bit advanced in this field and had been collecting cooking related tips and notes too. I still treasure those articles in a file. now many years have passed by and I have started buying magazines and cookbooks which i believe is essential and I felt that am spending unnecessarily as all recipes are mainly available online and why spend money and space to pile up recipe books.
It all becomes a very bitter thought when I think of the pleasures of turning through the pages of a recipe book.
Inspired by them I’ve created many recipes of my own. I now have started to believe that nothing is wasted as long as you have a passion for it. The passion for cooking is in my blood and that’s why I buy books whether I try the recipes or not is something related to experience.

Why I started this post is because of the many questions that flooded in my mind every time I see my books and browse the internet for recipes.
Why do I need books when I can search any recipe I want on the Internet?
But then I dont search the internet for recipes which are available on my books.
So I only need recipes that I don’t have which I can get free.
Do we have to pay money and waste on buying more books?
Well I know books are totally different. You feel the recipe in hard or paper back. we spend hours admiring the images. We aim at recreating the dish to resemble the images from the book and we are inspired, while the ingredients may be substituted and the dish will have our own simple touch and we become inventive or creative.
We learn from those cookbooks and these cookbook authors are our mentors.
We di need some good cookbooks on our shelves to flip through while sipping a cup of coffee on a rainy day when there is no eggs to bake a cake or laziness takes over ourselves and calls us to bed with flem and cup of chicken soup.
Oh yeah, I remember those days when I used to borrow my friends chicken soup book thinking its a chicken soup recipe book and din’t return it until I read a few inspiring stories.
So there are many points that I can list down to say why we need recipes or cookbooks and so does other people have their own story to say why they buy cookbooks and now you might know that buying cookbooks are not a waste of money.
If you are not sure about it yet read on and find out what others who enjoy food not just by eating it but exploring the history of food.

As an experienced cook I guess for me trying recipes from recipe books is some kind of a beginners job but not while baking or cooking up a meal from a different cuisine am not familiar about. I agree with many of my fellow foodies and bloggers from my favourite group in Dubai as they go on to comment on my post for the questions asked –

Hi friends
Am doing an article on cookbooks for a project.
I want to know the opinion of the members in fooderati arabia as this is a food bloggers group and I am sure there is no other place from which I can get the perfect answer.

  1. 1. Do you buy cook books often?
  2. 2. Do you follow the recipes in your cookbook or do you take the recipes in your book as an inspiration? (I do it more often)
  3. 3. Do you think in this generation where recipes are available online, buying cookbooks are a waste of money?

Mafaza Haleem

These questions aroused in my mind after I started thinking as buying cookery books are a waste of money. The thought lasted only a week and later on I started to think of the benefits of owning a few cookery books.
Here are the comments and thoughts of my fellow foodies ;

Allz Ahmad Mukhtar I never bought a recipe cook book, but yes sometimes I do browse through some recipes in Borders cooking book section. I wouldn’t call it waste of money as books are always useful when u want to make something similar. I usually look out for recipes online mostly as it’s just available on my fingertips.

Allz Ahmad Mukhtar blog :  House of Allzz

techno foodie

following recipes from the tb is easy but we should make sure the screen lock is off or else thats when i get nuts and think of books. imagine opening the phone screen with water and flour or wasting water to wash hands just to make sure the smell of the onion and fish doesn’t spoil the phone…

Nielouphar Abdurahiman 1. I do buy them, but not often.
2. I’ve done both.
3. For me, cook books are never a waste of money. …See More

Nielouphar Abdurahiman Blog –

prompt answer

Huma Kalim used to buy books previously but now I think twice before buying as most of the recipes are available on the web.

she going through my mindset

Rupal Bhatikar Love books, I have a little library at home now with food and travel books. Nothing beats stained pages of familiar books and running thru pages. If I need a recipe quick, I use the internet sometimes. If you are a reader, I guess books will never be a waste of money

she is right

Foodie & Fabulous
Eat.. Travel.. Love.. And Eat some more!

Sally Prosser 1. Yes 2. A bit of both 3. No – and sales of cook books bear me out. The best-selling non-fiction category

simple, sweet and delicious

Irini Savva 1. Yes 2. No, mostly use as inspiration 3. No, difficult to answer this one. There must still be a demand if bookshops still stock them I guess.

we do think alike till answer number 2, I’ve never thought of number 3 🙂

Sarah Allenby What Nielouphar says. I used to only but Jamie Oliver’s books, but in the past few years have widened my reading list. I follow recipes and sometimes have that ‘aha’ moment where I’m inspired by an ingredient the writer has used, or a part of a recipe.
Cookbooks, any book is never a waste of money. I scour second-hand book shops & charity shops for bargains.

Sarah Allenby Http://  A Touch of Frosting and other things

oh she is a fan of my husbands favorite chef

jamie oliver makes cooking look easy…. 

Saloni Jolly Banga 1. Yes
2. I use cookbooks both as an inspiration and follow recipes if it’s from a cuisine or if it uses a technique I have not tried previously.
3. Cookbooks or books in general can never be a waste for me, in fact it’s my secret indulgence. I look for cookbooks wherein authors have given vivid description, side notes or stories to go with the recipe. Blog :

Taste Charades When hunger strikes, I set a table for two.

she spoke her mind out I  agree to the points

Try those different techniques from the books you’ve got, you will sure be happy to have spent a penny to buy the book…

Ritu Chaturvedi 1- Yes, I am very active reader of all kinds of Books,2-I use cookbooks for inspiration & some plating options sometimes different nationality cuisine, It is always useful. 3-Because I love reading, so books or cook books cannot be out of culture for me, Though Internet is quite handy but we keeps books as a treasure, buying books cannot be waste of money. Explanation of the dish is better in the book than internet.

answer number 3 is so thoughtful and she is correct

Debbie Steedman I love cook books, who doesn’t ? I check book sales etc

I was like her before and am still same glad 🙂

the best time to buy cookbooks is when there is a book sale 🙂

Kari Heron We are cookbook fiends. We buy them in print. We have a highly treasured collection of culinary tomes as well as more homely books. We have books on different cuisines and are still collecting. We also give and receive cookbooks as gifts. We both use them in our work and at home but we often buy and read cookbooks for inspiration and support.
Chef and Steward
(by Chef and Steward)

she speaks for the entire bloggers and foodies in the group lets like it together:-)

we sure are cookbook worms so are we food bloggers and we are proud of it aren’t we???

Anjana Chaturvedi Well i don’t buy cookbooks anymore , however when i had started cooking i used to buy cook books as it was definitely more convenient in those days where we din’t have handy Tablets to look into , however now there are so many good recipes of all cuisines online for inspiration . Moreover i don’t thinks young girls of this generation will prefer to buy cook books as i can see my daughter as a living example who uses Google for all her recipe needs . My Blog :

she is experiencing my question

even my 8 month old wants a touch phone, millenium kids are obsessed with tech stuff and depend on it.

Debbie Steedman That’s the thing I buy books then I Google

same here:-)

double check for the perfect outcome 🙂

Nielouphar Abdurahiman I agree.. we can get tons of recipes online.. but there is something about books. #nerdalert

I agree with her

owning a book is a nice feeling!!!

Huma Kalim you are right Nielouphar Abdurahiman i have few oldie cookbooks where there are classic recipes not found today. there pages have tainted but my love for them has not. every time I go back home, tell my mom to take care of them. promising once I have my place in India, I will take it. count me crazy but I have emotional attachments to my cook book.

same pinch

when the world in moving forward with traditional recipes being overtaken by modern day junk food i hope these recipe books will help our kids to enjoy a nice family meal with their kids and some story time 

Dinusha Jayatillake I don’t buy cook books purely for the recipes (or with the intention of trying them out) – I find it relaxing to browse through them. Like Saloni mentioned, love those that come with stories and not just recipes and pictures. Books are never a waste of money in my opinion.

books are indeed mans best friends too 🙂 

each recipe should have a story….

Prachi Grover Okay as i type this I am on way to starting a support group called cookbook collectors anonymous. So answer to question no. 1 is yes I buy cookbooks. I own more than a 100 last i counted. I buy food memoirs too. It could be to read about unfamiliar cuisines, ingredients, stories behind the recipes, cooking techniques, writing styles plus all of them make great bedtime reading. 2. I use them for both inspiration and following especially when trying out something the first time and when baking. 3. Books for me can never be a waste of money. Together between DH, me and my little chefling we can open a library with 1000 plus books and I love that there are days when she opens my cookbooks and spends an hr with it seeing each picture and then asks me to cook from there…something that Google will never allow us Blog :

will she be my friend? She’s got 100’s of book?

Wow I wanna visit her with a nice cake made by myself 🙂 just to borrow some cook books:-)

Brenda F. Abdelall (1) I buy a ton of cookbooks (2) I use them for inspiration. I only follow a recipe if it’s for baking, or a type of cuisine I am not as familiar with (like Iranian, Thai, etc.) (3) Never waste of money. I love the pictures, the touch and feel of a cookbook.

clean bowled I like the 2nd answer cos I do the same 🙂

learning new cuisines from a recipe book is fun i love it

Shaima Al T 1-all the time 2 not at all, unless it’s dessert and baked goods because I just can’t figure out the chemistry of baking. Unlike normal cooking, I use the recipe as a guideline and I tinker away with my own version. 3- cookbooks are classic. They are never a waste of money and always a good source of tangible inspiration.

I am not a dessert person like her and this is when we need a few cookbooks 🙂

Ishita Saha 1) I buy cookbooks almost all the time; 2) No, I don’t follow the recipes at all (I know it’s shocking) however I take in nuances from it. 3) Yes for most of my friends. No, for myself. I love the smell, the feel, the texture of books – love the smudges, the sprinkles, the folds – I read cook books or books on different cuisine, history of food, culinary travel at bedtime – dream of travel and food and wake up with a smile!

she is so foodilicious 🙂

thats what you need to learn from those recipes books pilled up in your shelves….


I wanted to make the comments more fun to read which is why I have added some comments below each commenters comments highlighted with back quotes.

Hope you enjoy this post and found some answers to your questions.
Now lets start buying a couple of cookbooks together and stir up a feast 🙂


My first cookery school recipe

When I was 17 my mum asked me to join a cookery school and learn to make special food and various cuisines, she also wanted me to go and learn sewing.  I had plans opposite to mu mum and always wanted to do computing and journalism to find work and earn money.
I decided to go ahead with my mums opinion and start learning cookery from a lady who conduct classes. At that time it was just 1000 rupees for 2 lessons with a share. I didn’t take a book to write down notes nor was I interested on what they taught.  It was rather like I was forced to attend. I completed 4 lessons of which 1 was a finger food lesson.
The cookery class teacher taught me how to cook chinese food and make short  crust pastry. Soon after completing the four lessons I stopped going and my mum gave up on me for a while and after three years my mum again started to remind me that I should take cookery lessons.
The reason behind this was my rice was salty while my curry was very spicy with extra chillie making the gravy unbearably hot.
I always tell my mum that practice makes perfect yet she says I need to learn before I practice.
So I started following a diploma in general cookery at mallika school of home science in colombo. Mrs mallika joseph was a very experienced cookery teacher and she taught me a freat deal of recipes which Iearnt with interest as I was so desperately wanting to show my mum I know how to cook good food.
mrs mallika joseph taught me my favourite éclair recipe and Swiss rolls.
She also did the flaky pastry and lumprice.
I enjoyed my lessons and also tried out many recipes with passion and enthusiasm.
I never tried my first cookery school recipe until I got married and had an ifthar party at my house in dubai. It was in the year 2011 in dubai my husband wanted to host an ifthar cum house warming party for his friends at our house in jumeira village circle.
I wanted to do something different and delicious. I remembered the chicken lollipops which my dad used to bring when we had a visitor or during tea occasionally. It was so delicious and technically a bit tough that my mum used to wonder how to learn the art of making those lovelies, during that time we were way too far from the Internet and had no knowledge of whats the internet. It was in the late 1999’s.
So having learnt how to make it and never tried it was a sad story but remembering that I have the recipe and is capable of following instructions was great.
I took it as a challenge and made those chicken lollipops. My very first attempt and I guess my hands were shivering that I almost dropped the bowl of chicken while trying to refrigerate on mixing up the marinating spice. There was double work, cleaning up the mess of marinate from the refrigerator was a huge task and thankfully the chicken wings did not fall.
I mixed the spices and sauces again and left the bowl in the fridge to marinate. The next day I started frying them carefully making sure not to break. Frying cuttlets is one of those tasks I find very messy and difficult while making chicken lollipops was double work.
Finally my chicken lollipops turned put perfectly well, crispy on the outside with no cracks. It tasted good as the ones my dad used to bring from the shop near out house in colombo.
I was just a good cook then, I never had any knowledge or idea of blogging. I hardly took pictures of the food I cooked.
Now three years later am a blogger who photographs every food I cook. It seems like am cooking to blog but the truth is not always I cook to blog but I cook to eat while in between I think of blogging about what I am cooking or eating.
The past few weeks I have decided to cook something I’ve never done in sri lanka and serve my family here in colombo which is why I decided to fry some chicken lollipops. In the meantime I took a few photographs of my chicken lollipops to share on my blog so that my flow readers can try this recipe at home.
It’s very easy to make chicken lollipops.

Cheesy Chicken Lollipops

10 chicken wings
2 medium potatoes
1 onion
2 green chillies
1 tablespoon oil
50 grams processed cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

For the coating
1 egg
2 cups of bread crumbs

Instructions of cooking

1. Boil potatoes
2. Chop onions and green chillies
3. Clean and wash chicken wings and cut the sides.
4. Cook the wings partly and scrape the flesh from one side and gather around the bottom part of the wings making sure the bottom is stable and won’t break.
5. Marinate the chicken wings in some sauce (BBQ sauce mixed with a bit of soya sauce)
6. Place 1 teaspoon of grated processed cheese in the centre of the chicken wings and gather the flesh around in one side.
7. Seal with potato mixture.
8. Dip in egg and bread crumbs.
9. Deep fry in hot oil.

Potato mixture
1. Peel potatoes.
2. Sauté onions with green chillies in 1 tablespoon oil
3. Mash in the potatoes and season with salt and pepper.




A master of sugar craft – (passion and destiny)

I believe 20 is the best age a child can be trusted on to take a decision of their studies by themselves. I started on to dream of being a teacher at the age of 5 and began teaching my imaginary students after school and my siblings during our school vacation.
As I grew up to be an ordinary level student I began to think teaching school kids is not what I want and later on moved on to study computing.
At the age of 20 I was inspired by a television drama in hindi to be a journalist.  I started my first move with a scholarship request and was successfully selected.  Due to many problems at home I was unable to join the batch and had to do a diploma in cookery. Although I learnt the lessons with not much of interest I started practicing the recipes and became more involved due to the successful dishes and appreciation I received. Thats when my passion for food started yet I had the greed to get myself involved into the media due to my interest in getting famous.
Ofcourse I should agree that seeing my name next to an article is the only thing I most wanted in my early 20’s.

Experience is the best teacher

So the saying is very true. I herd someone mention on a radio programme that “not every human being does what they are most passionate about”
Some work to keep their family runnning.
While some do tbe job as they dont have any other options out of which only a very few are those lucky ones who do a job which they enjoy.
Same way it goes with students who are deciding on their higher education. 1-Some follow the marks,
2- some obey their parents and start pursuing a qualification to please their parents
3- while a few are indecisive and do what they feel like.
4- A very few are inspired by the celebrity and work hard to achieve their goals.
I fell into the 4th category. I was inspired and worked hard. I had a lifeline which was the age barrier for admission into journalism college was not above 25 years. So I spent my 21st birthday studying culinary arts. At age 22/23 I reapplied to journalism college and again my house condition restricted me from attending college. I decided to stay home with no studies for the next one year and spend my life enjoying my spinster-hood. I believed that a diploma or degree in journalism will make me become a published writer and succed in my ambition. It took which is why I assumed my last Chance to pursue a career as a writer was my 25th birthday and decided not to give up this last chance no matter what and thats when destiny entered my life.
I was arranged to be given in marriage and I gave up once and decided to be a normal housewife and take things as every normal girl would want and I totally forgot my ambition. Married life took over my ambitions and I started enjoying the migration. Travelling around dubai and experiencing the culture and food of dubai I was so involved in food related field for my surprise my husband was also totally enjoying my passion. We watched the same food channels and programmes. Thats when I started my blog as shoppaholicstraveldiary on WordPress and enjoyed posting everything about dubai and my life in dubai.
The days I started blogging is when I discovered that food and travel is my passion while I didn’t need a degree to get published. I learnt through experience that experience is what I needed to write while becoming a writer doesn’t mean I have to write for a paper. Its the wonderful experience that helped me discover my passion for food. As a foodie who likes taking food pictures I enjoy writing recipes and all things food while being addicted to cookbooks and food programmes.

Three Golden Years

The past three years mean so much to me that the three years helped me discover my passion.
The three years have bought out the foodie in me and encouraged me to become a published blogger.
The experience of the three years that passed has taught me something new thats none other than the art of sugar flower making. I mastered the sugar flower craft and has found a new art. Cake decorating has broadened my imagination and creativity. I am so excited to start creating and share the new found art with my readers and fans while keep on practicing the craft.



Vacation in Srilanka

Food and Travel

my picture story

arriving in time during the rambutan season in sri lanka and being warned not to eat rambutan is really too bad. pregnancy was the only reason yet rumbutans are not more important than the child but who woudnt want to taste one small rambutan after coming to your home country one and a half years later with all the motherland cravings waiting in que to reveal the eating manners of a normal human being?

arriving in time during the rambutan season in sri lanka and being warned not to eat rambutan is really too bad. pregnancy was the only reason yet rambutans are not more important than the child but who wouldn’t want to taste one small rambutan after coming to your home country one and a half years later with all the motherland cravings waiting in que to reveal the eating manners of a normal human being?

waking up after 8 to hear the thambili vendor scream on top of his voice "thambili,thambili" is something i missed in dubai. its extreme fun to run up to the gate repeating thambili. this delicios, natural king coconut water is so magical. a straw is all you need to empty the shell. a very healthy drink indeed. very expensive in dubai and sold only in a small quantity. sri lanka is full of king oconuts sold by road side vendors.

waking up after 8 to hear the thambili vendor scream on top of his voice “thambili,thambili” is something i missed in dubai. its extreme fun to run up to the gate repeating thambili. this delicious, natural king coconut water is so magical. a straw is all you need to empty the shell. a very healthy drink indeed. very expensive in dubai and sold only in a small quantity. sri lanka is full of king coconuts sold by road side vendors.

well cutting the thambili into half and scraping the fless of by a spoon is fun. we used to throw the empty king coconut shell on the floor so it comes into two pieces. i remmebr the good old days when we used to share a side amongst us. the thambili vendors will cut it for uson request.

well cutting the thambili into half and scraping the flesh of by a spoon is fun. we used to throw the empty king coconut shell on the floor so it comes into two pieces. i remember the good old days when we used to share a side amongst us. the thambili vendors will cut it for us on request.



the curd vendor who has been travelling in his same old bicycle for the past 25 years in the area we live who sells curd bought from mannar. Its really yummy. Sold in clay pots with a bottle of pure treacle in different sizes of bottles. Ofcourse the bottles they use are wine bottles well cleaned and sterilised. I have plans to get a stock of those treacle when ibget back to dubai



the elephant house ice cream bike. The music is what gives everyone a time to decide what flavor popsicle we need and I wanted to buy and try all the available flavors not that dubai doesn’t have popsicle but its the joy of buying from a ice cream cycle



oh I have been wondering how they make these and figured out somehow but its a long process to explain so I will post a seperate article with step by step pictures. Rice served in tgese leaves are really something special




yum kidu

there is a special menu for this meal. It is called kidu rice and served with special side dishes accompanying it. Yes that requires a seperate post and I sure will write it soon with pictures.



you can get koththu at srilankan restaurants in dubai yet you find it all over in srilanka and I can say there is no shop that doesn’t sell koththu.


banana leafa

banana leaf is some where I want to eat soon as I land in sri lanka on my vacation. They serve the food in banana leaf and the food tastes so delicious. Again you can find food served in a banana leaf at indian restaurants all over dubai but this restaurant in srilanka has a unique menu and taste which adds a bit of srilankan twist.



nethali karuwadu is what we call it and its basically the tiny dry fish not too salty and can be made into a devil or cooked into a gravy and served with anything like rice, string hoppers, bread and rotti. Enjoying a moment of lanka was I hardly cook this due to the diet I and my hubby follow.



soya srilankan soya meat is very small and comes along with a seasoning. I used to buy the soya meat in dubai during my early stages of pregnancy and craved for the lankan soya its all in the way you cook anyway












How well do you know your spices is one question.  How much do you love spices is another question.
Can anyone be a spice addict?
Who is a spice addict?
Can they have their house pantry stocked with jars and jars of spices?
Or will they be over flavouring the curries and meals with extra spices?
Or can a spice addict be someone who just tries out various types of spices from around the world?

Well yes spice addicts be of many types but what do you gift a spice addict?
Jar of spices?
A spice from marutius?
Imported fresh cinnamon?

Ofcourse when it comes to buying a gift we all get confused and end up buying something that might be of useful or not. Yesterday I was window shopping at one of the best places to shop where you’ll find all you need under one roof and was surprised by the collection of frames. Handmade it is and an ideal gift for a foodie who is a spice addict.

Ideas for Different use
You can insert a board and attach a sticky note pad on it where you can write the grocery list.
You can insert a lovely food picture and hand on your kitchen wall.
Add your diet plan and leave on top of the fridge.
Insert a note paper with kitchen tips.
Insert a recipe note you like and wanna keep it handy.
Write down instructions for kids to follow in your kitchen.

I know your impatient to have peep into the frames and here I reveal the unique frames especially for foodies.


The frames made of different types of spices.


Spice are used mainly in asian food but have you ever tried a toothpick made of a spice?
Are you Wondering if its made of chillie sticks?
No worries its simply made of cinnamon sticks.
Does that encourage you to try it out?
Keep following my blog and await details on my blogs giveaway.
I will post it if your abroad.

Have a nice day.


When a foodie goes shopping

We all need to eat and drink on time to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. Kids  ask for chocolates, sweets and anything they see or feel like eating.  When an adult does the same excessively its called obsession yet when an adult pick and choose what he wants and tries a variety of items in the food store what do you call them? the answer is “foodie”

When the same person takes pictures and posts on a blog or takes pictures only to post on their blog and share the joy he/she is called a food blogger/writer/journalist.   It was my day to shop some stuff for my baby and was lucky to redeem a voucher. I shopped for less than the voucher price and was asked to get something like a fridge magnet or a key tag. there were many designs but what can a foodie like me who is addicted to blogging choose? here is what I got


a doughnut keytag

I finally ended up spending on trying out a few restaurants at the little food court at odel.  My first stop was at the magic corn.


I bought it for my brother he loves corn and I never enjoyed eating corn except popcorn’s which I have started to dislike sometime. I never believed I would fall in love with corn or ever crave for corn.  I got two different flavors spicy and mayonnaise.

Ishare508share509  If it was someone suggesting I try corn with mayonnaise I would have turned it away and commented on their taste. It’s always best to know anything for yourselves rather than live by someone’s comment or suggestions. That’s one thing so unique about being a foodie.

So my next stop was at the “jack tree” a restaurant that serves Asian cuisine  especially Indian, Thai and Chinese.
I’ve heard my sister-in-law mention that “tom yum” soup is so delicious I marked it as one of the dished “to try”.
I ordered a “tom yum” soup and am still not sure if it’s good as original or was it a duplicate version.  Should I fly to Thailand to find out the truth?


I decide to search online for the flavors and taste. The lime sticks and pandan leaves were given an overpowering taste filled with flavours rushing out from the ingredients used in the soup. Thai food is very unique in flavors.  Thai food has a very aromatic line up of fresh ingredients used to give a Thai flavor.

well shopping and exploring the food court turned us towards the juice section. “Roots” had a variety of fresh juices on the menu yet we opted for a glass of Sri lankan falooda.  delicious it was with a scoop of ice cream and kasa kasa.


The tuk tuk was waiting at the parking so i rushed back relaxed.

await my next post on the recipe for sri lankan falooda with the secret ingredient.