Quinoa Meals and Ideas

the first time I saw or herd of quinoa grains or quinoa buriyani I was thinking alot.
so I decided to ask the quinoa
here is my interview with quinoa

at carrefour
Me: hi quinoa, how do you taste?
Q: hi foodie, try me and find for yourself. i hate boosting.

So i grab a mixed quinoa pack and made some buriyani inspired the buriyani pot dubai image on instagram.
The buriyani was okay and maybe it needed more cooking time but the quinoa was quiet chewy and i dint miss rice πŸ™‚

Later on i decided to do some invention tests and started off making quinoa pizza, salad and quiches (images not available as they went in fast and were experiments)

So here is my latest intention tests and successful recipes.
There is no big magic but gladly the pie turned out of the ramekins which made me happy and call it a real pie.
So i dont need flour to make a pie anymore.

Now the quinoa stand on my pantry making a second batch entry weeping and counting its days πŸ™‚

Let me say this ingredient needs to be cooked exactly like rice and if we dont check frkm time to time you might get an overcooked quinoa and end up makong a porridge.

Some images below were created especially for a competition but am glad i did and now i realized that being incentive helps a recipe writer to buil her own recipes and that why i am the recipe writer πŸ™‚

Havs a great day and keep doing some invention tests in your pantry. After all watching masterchef and worrying if this might work or not is pointless.

Tip, tip
To make a pizza use the quinoa in the same way but to give it some firmness add some low calory cheese to bind it together πŸ™‚

Cook & Coffee Workshop by Aquarius

Aquarius a monthly magazine by one of the leading print newspaper publications gulf news organized a cook and coffee workshop recently at jashanmal festival city.
As a recipe writer and blogger I love reading magazines and newspapers participating on workshops and events. Very often I go through the gulf news website.
As a person who reads a lot not to mention only books and magazines but also newspapers, I am glad I got a chance to sign up for the cook and coffee workshop by Aquarius and was selected. The main reason why I looked forward for this workshop was to meet the chef, blog about the event and learn all about healthy cooking.
I not only learnt a healthy dish but I also had a great experience which was my first ever bus trip in Dubai and a long walk all the way at the metro and the festival city which helped me burn a few extra calories.
The event was mainly to demonstrate a healthy meal using Kenwood food processor but I would say for me it was a program that taught how to think out of the box and invent new dishes. Cooking is not difficult nor boring for people who try new things.
All the dishes that exist today was invented by people who dint care about things going wrong, they were creative and ended up inventing, this apply not only for culinary arts even other stuff.
The Demonstration was by chef Andy Campbell a very friendly and cheerful personality always answering questions without hesitating.
A lemon tart, chicken burgers, spicy bread with red pepper mayonnaise and basil oil was yummy. It was different and obviously healthy. I can’t wait till I go for my next grocery shopping to get some basil and try out the basil oil and devour with a slice of spicy bread. It was really yummy and delicious.
The Aquarius magazine distributed a bag with a magazine which I really loved. At the end of the program there was a raffle draw and guess what?
I won a prize it is a lovely tea set by dankotuwa. It’s made in Sri Lanka and I am a Sri Lankan too.
Yesterday was such a Nice day with a whole new experience.
Chef Andy could be reached at –
For more recipes and details visit the website.
Have a nice day!