Mount Lavinia Hotel Colombo

A wish came true

It was a sunday evening when dad announced that a business client from Riyadh who arrived in srilanka a week before wanted to meet us and has invited us for dinner at the mount lavinia hotel colombo. I was overwhelmed with joy as I have been wanting to visit mount lavian hotel for a long time and never got the opportunity. Another reason to celebrate was the content and experience I will be getting through this visit which I can post on my blog.

Reaching mount lavinia hotel


We travelled by car and it took us only 30 minutes to reach the hotel. Passing through the weekend traffic and stopping by at odel to shop for a slipper in a hurry as mums slippers tore on the car. We finally reached mount lavinia hotel and was welcomed by the guy who was the gaurd wearing a white colonial style suit.
On the parking was a big bus with passengers from abroad which I assumed maldivians who have just reached the hotel. Amidst the little crowd we managed to figure the way to the restaurant. The way to the restaurant, sea and huts were fun with a bridge that had a train track running beneath. It was train time I guess and the loud sound of the train engine filled the air with the breeze of the sea and the slight drizzle which made the atmosphere more enjoyable.
Walking through steps which lead us towards the seafood cove restaurant and inn which was located on the sea shore overlooking the sea.

The Sea Food Cove Restaurant

It was so beautiful with the sea in the background and the breeze giving some fresh air through the lovely hut. The restaurant was built of plain coconut tree leaves which I call. I love the aroma of coconut trees. Anything and everything thats made of coconut is pleasant to the naked eye. I guess I’ve gotta pay a visit to the coconut development board very soon and write up a special article on the topic. Getting back to the hut. I always imagined huts to be airy with a good aroma of fresh air either from the sea or plain green grass which is so pleasant to breathe in. Looking at the atmosphere at the seafood cove I was even more delighted to dine in there.

tree board

the first path which was the first view of the area


Seafood Cove Restaurant

step view

the path leading to the seafood cove restaurant and the beach

sea view from hut

sea view from hut


in for some wine?

outdoor seating

outdoor seating idea for the summer season or late in the afternoon to enjoy an early dinner while the sun set (I just cant stand the imagination I wanna be there at sunset soon.)


the welcome by the hostess, the guitarist and the drummer. They play a nice song with a tune which we call baila. The song and music makes the atmosphere even more romantic. You can dedicate a song to your loving partner if your on a honeymoon and make the day more memorable.


a nice couple enjoying a late dinner in peace. I just saw a grilled lobster in their plate. I guess they are enjoying the retired life


the seafood cove restaurant hut


the kitchen at the seafood cove restaurant. They do wear gloves 🙂


the fish on display. You choose the fish and they will do it the way we want it.


the boat shape fish stand I love this image

the menu ordering


The arab who invited us in for dinner had his wife order the meals. We were welcomed with a complimentary orange juice and kater in half an hours time she ordered the dinner which she struggled amidst my translation to the chef on how we need the fish to be cooked.

chip jpg

side platter the commoner – french fries jpg


Our Main Course 1 – grilled fish with BBQ Sauce


deep fried prawns in chinese batter


Main Course 2 – grilled large garuppa with garlic and butter sauce

It was drizzling and lightning outside the clear dark sky outlined the thunder. The light sea waves outlined the seashore with a clear picture of the water in white. Walking out of the seafood cove restaurant inn I experienced peace. The silent waves, light drizzle and cool wind was so refreshing though it was the later part of the night. The lamps made of wood were lit in every tables to give a more serene look.

The welcome drink enjoyed over a lamp light.

The welcome drink enjoyed over a lamp light.

Kukulegama : laya leisure

A couple of days spent away from home town

Visiting srilanka after a year and a half on vacation mean a lot of traveling has to happen. Apart from the visiting to relatives and friends get togethers a couple of day with a very close family member is always fun. When its somewhere in a peaceful environment where you can stay in with no worries like you’ve moved in to a seperate small island is something everyone would love. Soon after a delivery it was  relaxing time at the resort.

Kukulegama : laya leisure

Located in the south west of srilanka its a long drive of nearly two hours from colombo. A little bit of a hilly area with narrow roads leading to a large gate with laya leisure engraved on the walls to the right. Entering through the gates we were welcomed by many small cottages which gave a feeling of entering a small village. All cottages looked alike with the only difference being the size which was not visible from the out.
Each cottage had its own small garden with many facilities such as room with an attached bathroom, seperate pantry, a dinning area and a hall. All the necessary equipments and furniture’s were available. We booked a two room cottage for the 4 of us. On our way we shopped in for some snacks,  Maggie “cup a mani, some coffee,  milo and water at the food city.

Soon after booking our cottage we had lunch as the time was 3 and almost pass lunch time.  Hunger called us to enjoy the spread of buffet with a line up of srilankan cuisine.  Having done with lunch we headed over to our cottage and got sorted with the luggages. Soon after refreshing and getting dressed to spend the day out and about.

Walking over to the mini mart which had all sorts of goods like snacks, drinks, toiletries, swim clothes and the list of activities available at the resort.
We had to buy the tickets for each acticity at the mini mart and all activities are closed after 6 in the evening.
The first day went on roaming around the resort.  Dinner was ordered in and we had a quiet night with a movie. The next day started early with a hot cup of coffee and breakfast was Maggie cuppa mania which was ready in 2 minutes on the microwave. Getting ready in sports clothes ready to explore the activities and have some adventure we walked over to the mini mart and purchased a few tickets for rifling, cycling and boat riding over the lake.
Rifling was fun with 10 shots and I only got one atleast on the board the rest fell on the ground am not very good at aiming far or need more practice yet I was cery satisfied for having tried rifling with a real gun. I have donw ballon bursting which was a carnival game at the marina beach in chennaibin the year 2004 december just a couple of days before the tsunami hit the country. 9 years later the joy of rifling was really an unforgettable experience.
Next was the cycling, we got two bicycles for 3 hours and we were four of us Taking turns and cycling. Another experience was awaiting me. I have always told my hubby that I’ve rode a bicycle when I was 12 and haven’t even tpuched one since then so the talents is not practiced for a long time. My self confidence encouraged me to try cycling once again and as the proverb goe

self confidence is the prerequisite for great undertakings

I finally proved that I can ride a bicycle amidst my inability to attain the driving license due to lack of interest. Have I done it with an eagerness I would have been owning my dubai driving license as well and be happily driving through the roads of colombo and dubai exploring the country with no tension of speedy drivers and lack of taxi whenever I want a taxi.

Riding through the lanes at laya leisure was am unforgettable day.

My next activity was boat riding which was not fun yet enjoyable. I would recommend boat riding for honeymooners. Its peaceful and encourages a lot of talking while peddling together. My husband and myself are not those talkative type and never talk much. I sometimes wonder how people talk so much and assume that they are gossiping or backbiting.
Talking too much leads us toward those bad habits.

And finally it was the end of our trip and we packed our bags and headed down to colombo with peace of mind and lots of memories and ofcourse photographs. .

A bit more about laya leisure-
They have 3 sorts of cottages and you can go for 1,2,3 bedroom cottages or a honeymoon suite.
Either way you are not allowed to cook in the cottage and its compulsory to buy two buffet meal coupons.
All activities are for a fee and sport such as tennis, netball and other are free of cost.
The swimming pool is open for laya leisure cottagers.
There is a snooker area and kids play area adjoining the buffet area.
You are provided with tea, coffee, milk and sugar with utensils to make your morning coffee or tea.

Hope you enjoyed the post and here are some pictures-


A walk around Diyatha Uyana

In sri lanka after a year and a half.

It was a very fine day with a very high temperature. Unbearable heat made us decide to go for a walk in an area surrounded by water and plants. Having never visited the place encouraged us to decide the venue as  diyatha uyana for the weekend.
A large line of vehicles were awaiting in a cue to get a spot at the parking inside.  If you jump the line you dont get a parking inside. So thats what happened we had to jump the line or else we would have ended up in the cue until 7 pm.

As we entered we were welcomed by the fresh breeze of air coming from the surrounding plants and the lake.
walking was great looking at the variety of plants that were available for sale. The plants range from colorful roses to green plants, a variety of flowers and Australian grass.






Sri Lanka has many types of items made of clay. I really love the food cooked in clay pots and now lets talk about of that later, it’s a long subject. I would like to introduce the variety of products made of clay. The products range from bird cages to cases and ornaments and even pots and pans.






A part of the plants section at diyatha uyana.


The walk along the river lit up with lovely lights definitely a romantic get away for those honeymooners 🙂
You can hold hands and walk in peace as the breeze kisses your chin moving your hair towards your eyes.


A very lovely place to enjoy your BBQ? Ofcourse they do provide bbq chicken for a fee you can pay and sit back enjoying the beauty of the place while your dinner is being cooked. You’ll get the appetite soon as they fire up the bbq grill. The smell is so delicious.


The place where the BBQ is prepared. Ofcourse a place to sit when it starts drizzling for those who dont like getting wet in the rain.


The lake 🙂


The big fat duck hiding from the bbq area I guess in fear of being killed for a bbq?
Its too old for a bbq 🙂


And yes the photo shoot place. Wondering whats special?
Can’t guess?
Okay, thats fine!
Its the 3D art on the walk. Yes you can see through a naked eyes but only through your camera. You dont need a dslr my s4 did the job well.
Doesn’t it look like water or waves or both?
It does from my point of view.

Wana take the next flight to sri lanka?
You should atleast visit once if you can afford. If not no worries I will keep you posted on the beaty and thats all on travel for today.
My next post os all about the delicious srilankan cuisine.
Does it ring a bell?
yes, await the beauty of traditional srilankan food.