In My Kitchen : Pan cooked pastries

Five O’clocks in the evenings are always busy times unless i fell asleep . I guess I’ve mentioned I am a microwave baker and last week my microwave went for a break 😉 I miss it badly. before the microwave went on a break I misunderstood its capability which made me to cook the pastry sheets on a hot griddle over a medium heat. well it did turn out well. it was perfectly cooked and crispy on the outside. this is ideal for those who wanna try something new or don’t own an oven like me.





the pastry sheet was placed on top of a bowl of soup to be eaten like a deconstructed pie.

I decided to give it a try by placing the pastry sheets on the bowl of soup like a lid and baking them in my microwave, it took me roughly 3-4 minutes and the result was good.


so on top you see my soup with a pastry lid and the center of the pie after baking is whats below.


how to bake pastries on a griddle

1. bring the frozen pastry sheets to room temperature.

2. heat a nonstick pan over medium heat and turn it to very low.

3. place the pastry sheets one at a time on the griddle and cook each side for 3 minutes.

4. take off heat once the pastries are crispy and make sure to cook less or more depending on the shape and size of your pastry sheets.