In My Kitchen ; Lunch time cooking: colors and ingredients

In My Kitchen

It was time to start cooking lunch when I read sarah Waltons blog post on holi colors. I was walking over to the kitchen thinking of an idea to get some images and post. Lunch time cooking is the most exciting task. We cook a few vegetables with a meat and rice as per our sri lankan menu. Whoever is at home enjoys the lunch, Sometimes leftovers are served at dinner. While getting the ingredients from the refrigerator I was attracted by colorful vegetables I saw on my drawer. I soon started pitching up a story and taking photographs of my ingredients.
I love sri lankan food and enjoy cooking it while trying out new recipes and ingredients as a result I started of cooking the chicken curry for lunch using ma’s curry spice.
I followed the instructions and prepared accordingly.
I then decided to go ahead and capture the colors in cooking up a chicken curry amd here is my story in pictures.

The colors I found in my refrigerator


The chicken curry in four steps


The MA’s chicken curry spice mix

I should say a bit about this spice mix.
1. Easy
2. Affordable
3. Delicious
4. Smells good
5. Helps get a delicious sri lankan chicken curry in just 4 steps.

4 step chicken curry using ma’s spice mix-
1. Wash, clean chicken and mix with some chicken curry mix.
2. Temper onion, curry leaves and green chillies.
3. Add the chicken and mix well.
4. Stir in some coconut milk and let it cook, take off when tender.


Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)



Is Gajar ka Halwa Indian or Pakistani?
Am lost.
Need to do a good research and repost a new post while in the mean time I’ve got a small twist in a carrot halwa recipe. I decided to try some substitutes in the carrot halwa recipe I’ve come across online. The main substitute for ghee was a super healthy one according to me.
Wondering what I substituted ghee with? Well, it’s none other than olive butter. The tub says its cholesterol free and healthy, which I believe due to the maximum amount of olive oil used in the making of olive butter.
The second substitute was almonds for cashew nuts. Well, almonds are rich in fat but has 0% cholesterol while it also contains a similar percentage of protein and iron which are totally healthy. Almonds were recommended to me by my dietician as a snack. Excess of anything is not healthy so everything has a limit.
So my next substitute for saffron was yellow food color with a few drops of vanilla essence to give the halwa a dessert feeling.
Carrot means a vegetable according to my Sri Lankan family but now they know carrot is sweet and can be used to make delicious desserts too (slight grin).

Some tips for a very healthy carrot halwa that you can try at home.

Use stevia extract instead of sugar as stevia is know as a diabetic friendly sweetener.
Substitute milk with low-fat milk.
Try avoiding the nuts for a gluten free dessert they make no big difference.

Food story of the day
I accidentally added some turmeric powder into my carrot halwa for the color and as a substitute for saffron strands but latter on adjusted it by adding yellow food coloring and sone vanilla to cover up the turmeric powder flavor.

So I end my post with another question.
Are almonds an Arabian nut?
I have seen people gift almonds to relatives when they return from a middle eastern country which is what made me think almonds are from the middle east.
Need to go on a research for the origins of some ingredients I guess!


Dates with a flavor

Dates are rich in vitamin c and each date contains 20-70 calories depending on their size.
Dates is a fruit which is very tasty by itself. But imagine some dates with an extra flavor. I have tried dates with almonds it was extra delicious, and yea I also have tried them with a dab of butter or margarine try it at home you’l really enjoy it.
After moving in to Dubai I came across these specially packed dates in a presentable box ideal as gifts for your loved ones which has some extra flavour.
So I thought il stop by and take some pictures to post. Later I was wondering what must be inside those so I asked the salesman about the stuffing and he explained to me that those date contain a paste of cashew nuts, almonds and grated coconut which is stuffed inside.
Isn’t that a very different and unique to gift your family and friends back home!
Hope you Guys enjoyed reading my post.
Have a nice day!