I had to Google the health benefits of kale.

I understood it’s a very low calories vegetable and is packed with loads of health benefits.

Well kale does have omega 3 and that’s good for the health.

It’s now a trend to deep fry or air fry the green leafy vegetables and serve it instead of chips or french fries with something well I’ve seen some photos where posh cafes serve the healthy foos. Am not sure how far you can do it crispy on a oven or air fryer but i am very sure if you deep fry it, the kale gets crispy and crunchy.
I know its not very healthybut trust me i wish i had an airfryer to try it but then am not in a mood to invest on it for a weekly frying session. And yes space is a bit of an issue in my kitchen.

Well i tried the kale chips by just washing them and patting them dry.
You need to dry them out thoroughly or else you better not fry them in oil. Everytime i put my kale in the oil there was splatter and splash of hot oil. i had to run and hide myself to prevent any burns.

Yes please be careful before frying leaves always dry it very well.
After frying i seasoned them with salt.

You can store it in a small box in the fridge and use it up on a salad the next day.

kale and Calamari Salad


1 4×4″ calamari cleaned and washed whole piece

5 leaves of kale washed and pat dry

1 small onion finely chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

A drop of lime

1 tsp olive oil


1. Deep fry kale and set aside

2. Season the calamari with some salt and pepper

3. Pan fry the calamari for a minute on each side

4. Mix onion with lime and season with salt and pepper

5. Chop the calamari into tiny strips

6. In a bowl place the kale, top it with calamari strips and sprinkle the onions on top.

I ate it as it is. You can even serve it with a bowl of rice.

My Kale



It’s 2 weeks in dubai after a 4 month long vacation and missing my first home. The only way to get over it is by going through photographs and videos taken for the past 4 months.

Today it’s all about kale

I’ve seen many recipes using kale but I’ve never tried one till last month.

It was a busy week in colombo when i ran to the supermarket to grabs some stuff for an order with my 2 kids and sister. A randon check over the green counter and seeing a bunch of organic kale was really refreshing. I quickly grabbed a bunch out of the 3 left.

At home

I was so busy with many cake orders so couldn’t remember that i got a bunch of fresh organic kale. I have read many recipes but the sri lankan family would like the traditional method so i made it into a mallum (mallum is a sinhala word for a kind of devil made with vegetables) we make mallums of all sort like banana flower, green leafy vegetables, etc. Its really tasty. You just can eat it with a slice of bread, some rice or even roti. We make it spicy and its the best side dish in a sri lankan lunch or dinner.

Here is how we make it


A bunch of kale

1 medium onion finely chopped

A few curry leaves

Salt, pepper and chillie powder to taste

1 table spoon oil

Some chillie flakes

Use banana flowers or any other sort of green leafy vegetables or even carrots, beetroot, beans, eggplant only need to be fried to make in the following method.

Lets mallum,

1. Wash and chop the kale or any other vegetables from the list above.

2. Add to the pan and top it with the curry leaves and chopped onions. Add some green chillies finely chopped if you like extra spicy. If using eggplant or aubergines chop them finely and deep fry before starting the process.

3. Season with salt and spices mentioned above.  Use some maldive fish chips for extra crunchiness.  Add the spices according to ypu preference.

4. Close and leave it ove a low flame. For gren leaves it just need 2 minutes or so according to the quantity.  For carrots, beets and beans it may need extra time depending on the thickness you cut then. Grate and add the carrots and beet for fast cooking.

5. Soon as the kale looks reduced and the water evaporates increase the heat and add the oil. Stor continously and let it fry a bit.

Take off before it’s burnt.

If using banana flower add a piece of tomato, capsicum and pickled lime for better results.