Street Food – India – Kati rolls

Travelling gives us a lot of experience first thing that catches everyone’s interest if you travel somewhere is food whether you agree or not I agree. Arriving at the airport, railway station, bus stand or travelling on our own vehicle I always look for a shop to fill my stomach. Arriving at the Bangalore international airport the first thing that woke me was the smell of Kati rolls being taken off the grill with delicious filling stylishly wrapped in wax paper. My legs walk in search of the stall. Oh, the filling goes on from chicken, vegetable, paneer with some cheese for those cheese lovers. The Kati rolls which are especially a type of wrap so soft that you can devour one after the other with a delicious filling.standing at the beautiful newly opened Bangalore International Airport I couldn’t wait till I get back to the hotel to wash my hands and start eating those kathis as if I’ve had no food for days.I can never wait till I share with all you readers the secret I’ve found awaits a more mouth-watering article next time.


Kati is a street-food originating from Kolkata. it is also known as Kathi rolls.

the ingredients a Kati kebab wrapped in paratha was how it was introduced later different kinds of filling with various flavours developed.