In my kitchen : milk toffee and lime pickle

It’s been a busy month of cooking up my cravings.

Last month saw some sri lankan milk toffees in my kitchen. Trust me i love milk toffees and my childhood story of getting a few milk toffees from the shop everytime my parents run me over to the grocery ended up with lots of dental visits and nights with a painful tooth ย yes milk toffees are really too sweet and you can call it milk and sugar toffee. They have both ingredients equivalent and taste really delicious if a few cashew nuts are chopped into and cut.

The usual milk toffees in the local grocery are basically made if coconut milk but milkmaid from nestle released a milk toffee using nestle condensed milk. The recipe was on the reverse of the condensed milk cans label But i never attempted to try it as i was not so sure and it was when i was on my teens.

The last few times i tried it it turned out into rock hard caramel and i hardly could eat it cos it never melted even if i kept sucking it for hours. So u gave up my attempts at making milk toffees until 3 weeks ago a lady on a group in Facebook posted an image if homemade milk toffees. She also was kind enough to share the recipe which she claimed was from nestle milkmaid cans label. Ok now i got the courage and found out it was my fault on my previous attempts as i cooked it for too long. This time i followed the recipe exactly and got it right.

Happiness is making something taste exactly the way it should

So here are an image of my milk toffees.

I couldn't cut it into equal size as it was too hot to handle but i nailed the taste :-)

I couldn’t cut it into equal size as it was too hot to handle but i nailed the taste ๐Ÿ™‚

We call this milk toffee as kiri toffee in sri lanka and now i hardly see them at supermarkets.

Making something you like by yourself is a real pleasure.

These winter in dubai is saying goodbye while my kitchen smelled of milk toffees i also had a liking for those lime pickles in sri lanka which was solt in small packets with its own juice. I thought it was done under the sun but now i learnt fdom some inline research and videos it can be done either way and as it was winter keeping the pickles under the sun was not much of a possibility as i sometimes can forget to take the nar in the evening. I have no balcony so i have to keep it on the window sill and watch for it making sure my visiting birds don’t stumble upon them.

So i started making my own lime pickle by cutting a lime and stuffing with some rock sea salt and put it in a jar with more extra salt covering the lime halfway.

A week passed by keeping the jar out just to try the traditional way when the sun was out and i decided to stop it.

I squeezed in some lime juice and kept it over the kitchen work top. Its a month now and my pickle is ready. I know its not instant but the wait was worth it because it tasted exactly like the sri lankan lime pickle and the lime was really tasting a bit spicy as i slit a green chillie and soaked it in to get the flavour mixed a week before. Now my green chillie is also getting pickled.

This type of lime pickle tastes good in sri lankan achcharu or malay pickle. We even make a onion sambol with the pickle. Now that i have mastered the pickling art i am gonna do more in sha allah.

The squeezed in lime juice was the magical ingredient that made the lime soft and translucent.

Now pickling is not that tough, get a jar and add those extra limes in with some salt and lime juice and keep it on the work top corner.

After a month eat your own himemade pickles ๐Ÿ™‚