Mafazas Chocolate Marzipan

The first time I did marzipan was following recipe from a 101 cakes book. It asked me to use 1/2 an egg and the recipe turned out to be a success but sadly I was left with half an egg which then turned into a cookie. I didn’t think using half an egg was ideal and I didn’t want to use 1 egg and make a large batch either. So i decided to create one.

This recipe is ideal to makemarzipan roses and shapes for kida party tables. It great for moulding. I have not tried it on large cakes but it should do fine in small cupcakes to cover the top.

Try it and let me know ūüôā

Recipe                              make (14 marzipans)

Chocolate  Marzipan 


1 cup almond powder

1 cup icing sugar

1/2 cup melted chocolate or candy melts

1 tbsp water

1. Mix the ingredients together  and make desired shaped

2. Keeps well in a jar for 4 days

3. Refrigerate for upto 10 days

Check the video on youtube and make with me20160704_204059