A published writer

Okay now am relaxing over the thought that am now a published writer in the good magazine UAE. A life time wish has finally become a reality. Having dreamt of becoming a published writer or journalist in a magazine or newspaper I started my journey towards the quest of educating myself as a journalist, having applied and successfully being selected to purse my studies at the Sri Lanka college of journalism in Colombo, I was not granted permission to attend colleges by my parents I was really frustrated and annoyed. I joined the British council library in Colombo to keep myself accompanied by books and gain knowledge in writing which I believed can be achieved from reading. The first book I went for was the 100 most influential women in the world. I was given the self-confidence on following my goals to achieve my target through inspiring stories in the book. All the 100 women in the book had their own story and they all did work hard to achieve their goals and succeed.  I was encouraged to keep writing and sending articles to newspapers and magazines. I wrote poems and short stories while I also wrote about my travel story and lists. I faced many rejections while I was also offered a few part-time jobs in a leading magazine in Sri Lanka though I had to refuse it as no permission was granted from home. Every book I read afterwards was mostly about adventure, mystery and romance. Most books also were about journalists and writers.
Finally I decided to look for a job that I can work from home but never found any which is why I created a blogger account and a word press account in the years 2010. I used my blogger account to create posts and pictures on my newly opened éclair factory while the WordPress account remained blank for a couple of years.
I had no idea on how a blog works nor have I read any articles or books about a blogger. As time went by my blogger account also went inactive with only a post.
Two years passed on and I had my goal of getting published temporarily hidden within myself. The hunt never stopped nor did I try. It was summer in Dubai when my brother-in-law suggested I start working online. He was talking about the leading jobs that were available for online working and frankly mentioned WordPress developers.  The word WordPress reminded me that I’ve got a blog that has been isolated for all these years. I decided to login but was finding it difficult to remember the password.  Thumbs up to todays technology that we can click on help or forgot password. I got my password sorted and logged in while researching and learning on whats a blog briefly. My first post was some pictures taken in Dubai. I posted a picture and was waiting impatiently until I received a like or comment. A week passed by and the first notification reached my inbox. Then started my addiction to blogging and the hunger for more topics on blogging and photographing to share. Every place I went reminded me of one thing and that was can I post this on my blog? What can I write on this post? And what can the headline be? Finally I am so glad that this free online platform WordPress has given me the advantage of getting published, sharing and learning. It’s not just focused on one subject nor country and that the biggest advantage.
Now I think back to my start and realise how well I have developed my writing skills, starting off with posting photographs now am capable of writing nearly 1500 words in a day within a couple of hours. Blogging has helped me a lot in shaping my career. I am now a published writer and a blogger.  To add some honey over the éclair I just got my very first recipe published in a magazine in Dubai and it’s the good magazine. Is there anything greater than getting published in a magazine for myself? I would say yes. Are you Wondering what? That is getting 100 likes to post on my blog. It is my next target and am working on it. I will reach my target soon.
Well here is review on to my published recipe.

The picture from the real magazine while below is a pdf sent to me from the magazine editor.