Homemade Candied Orange Peels

When a recipe calls for candied ginger preserve or orange peels I think twice,

1, will it taste good?

2, do i hace to buy it just for one recipe

No way am gonna do the second one so the only option is make it at home.

This is when i found out the answer for the first thought.  Voila it tasted so good in such a way that i never even imagined.

Now all those orange peels can be used up for something.  Recipes have started over pouring in my mind and am in a sort of jam thinking which one to try first amidst my work and son.

Life has got busy but i ain’t gonna spend a day without thinking of something to blog about so here we go.

I would like to share my candied orange peel recipe it’s more like a dosi or marabbah.

Its sweet and sticky.

I added this to my secret cake recipe which asked for candied peels of ginger.

I did add some to my cheese cake too which did not set 😦 Of course not cos of the candied peels but i forgot to add gelatin.

Here is what you need for the candied orange peels ;

1 full oranges peel

4 teaspoons sugar

2 cups Water

Lets make it ;

Wash and grate the orange peel, if you ate the oranges and has got only the peel do not try grating just finely cut using a pair of scissors and add them onto a pan.

Pour in the water and cook the peel until its soft. Add more water if required and make sure you cook the peel well.

Once the water has reduced add the sugar and cook over a medium heat and caramelize the peels.

Take off before they get stuck onto your pan.

Cool by transferring to a glas jar and store in the fridge.

Drizzle some of the sugar syrup while pouring to the jar so that it does not get too sticky and stays clean making it easier to take a bit when you need.

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