It’s a daily prompt and am tempted to learn the meaning of the word Radical. Everyday we get a word but sometimes it’s quiet radical and often its a word like radical that makes me go in search of the meaning. So am writing while reading.

*I’ve used the word radical above which menas not the ordinary.

Learn with me on how to use the word radical in a food blog.

I know and you know that i prefer to write all things food and travel but sometimes writing a prose or a poem makes me feel radical. It means which is why I started writing food poems because I love writing poems.

*I used radical in the above to mean its not the ordinary way for a food blog to write poems.

I see many recipes use ingredients that are not very radical but they are all trying to invent something new yet we should not forget that all recipes are just twisted and nothing is purely radical.

*I’ve used the word radical above to mean that not all recipes are traditional and purely done or invented by the writer most of them are twisted from the original recipe from somewhere or someone.  And nothing can be purely traditional.