Saffron, Atlantis the Palm jumeira

It’s been 3 and a half years since i moved in to dubai and i have experienced most of what dubai has to offer and as a foodie everything i see was foodilicious. Am not sure if that word exists in the dictionary but dubai is what brought out the food blogger in me. I have been to the ferrari world and taken the ride on ferrari rosa the worlds fastest roller coaster and i have had a very unforgettable experience at the wadi adventure park by going water rafting and almost drowning on the second round. As a person who knows no swimming it was a bad experience but a memorable one as am still alive 🙂 trust me it was not very bad finally. So the only place that kept me wondering and thinking was the atlantis the palm jumeira. I heard people say that you need to dine or stay in to have a look at the hotel so i was waiting for a chance to dine to have a look. Finally i was glad to have won a dinner at saffron from there instagram reposting contest and it was a complimentary seafood dinner for two. It was on a weekday and we drove in straight to the vallet parking area and entered the hotel. It was nice looking around. It was big and the saffron was near the pool side. Am not a restaurant reviewer and dont much enjoy dinning out especially with a toddler so we usually prefer take aways or cooking at home and don’t think fine dinning is a good idea at this stage.

We decided to go to the saffron dinner not just yo eat but to tour the atlantis hotel at palm jumeira. Saffron was huge and they had 7-8 stands of food.
A bread stand
A dessert stand
A salad bar
A sushi bar
A section for indian
A Chinese section
A section for main course
Another section for asian stuff
I was given a tour by a lady who explained what’s special and we were seated along the pool side door which was a bit quiet.
Yes they did have a bar for drinks as well.
I loved the bread stand which had a very delicious cheese manakish. The dessert stand was outstanding. They had candies to icecream and creapes to canape style desserts. I was tempted to try all the desserts. Loved the small cake like pastry stuff. My boy enjoyed the lolipops and marshmallows. He also kept some waiters entertained and had fun running around 🙂
I forgot to try the salad section but they had a wide variety of salads and they all looked beautiful and appetising.
I would say the price for this seafood buffet is well worth and they do have a good selection of food.
Thanks to saffron for having us and hope you can drool over my images 🙂

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Martas Kitchen at Miele Gallery

the long awaited wish to try my hands on saffron was fulfilled when Marta from Marta’s kitchen invited me and fellow bloggers for a fun filled cooking session where we got to try the Taj mahal saffron.

the event was at the miele gallery close to the world trade center metro station.

I think I should mention how beautiful the miele kitchen was, the interior was elegant and the kitchen was well equipped. I took the bus as it was a working day and i don’t drive. I got lost at sheikh zaid road not knowing the miele gallery was just next to the world trade center metro the closest and best way to get there is by metro if it’s a working day.

Marta was so kind and helpful and had a good time getting to know her a little.

so I was acting as a helper to my fellow bloggers while I also got to taste some different food which was all infused with saffron.

I got to taste mussels for the first time in my life. yes, mussels were on my to try list for a long time and bouillabaisse soup which was so flavorsome had a very nice selection of mussels which was the winning dish from my fellow food blogger rupal of

Stacy the lovely lady who blogs on is whom I helped on making the baked cheesecake. the cheesecake was so delicious while Stacy was a fabulous person whom I am glad I met.


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Gajar Ka Halwa (Carrot Halwa)



Is Gajar ka Halwa Indian or Pakistani?
Am lost.
Need to do a good research and repost a new post while in the mean time I’ve got a small twist in a carrot halwa recipe. I decided to try some substitutes in the carrot halwa recipe I’ve come across online. The main substitute for ghee was a super healthy one according to me.
Wondering what I substituted ghee with? Well, it’s none other than olive butter. The tub says its cholesterol free and healthy, which I believe due to the maximum amount of olive oil used in the making of olive butter.
The second substitute was almonds for cashew nuts. Well, almonds are rich in fat but has 0% cholesterol while it also contains a similar percentage of protein and iron which are totally healthy. Almonds were recommended to me by my dietician as a snack. Excess of anything is not healthy so everything has a limit.
So my next substitute for saffron was yellow food color with a few drops of vanilla essence to give the halwa a dessert feeling.
Carrot means a vegetable according to my Sri Lankan family but now they know carrot is sweet and can be used to make delicious desserts too (slight grin).

Some tips for a very healthy carrot halwa that you can try at home.

Use stevia extract instead of sugar as stevia is know as a diabetic friendly sweetener.
Substitute milk with low-fat milk.
Try avoiding the nuts for a gluten free dessert they make no big difference.

Food story of the day
I accidentally added some turmeric powder into my carrot halwa for the color and as a substitute for saffron strands but latter on adjusted it by adding yellow food coloring and sone vanilla to cover up the turmeric powder flavor.

So I end my post with another question.
Are almonds an Arabian nut?
I have seen people gift almonds to relatives when they return from a middle eastern country which is what made me think almonds are from the middle east.
Need to go on a research for the origins of some ingredients I guess!