My pick at the good market colombo

Thursday good market at diyatha uyana water’s edge

Visiting the good market has become one of my favourites. Every time I go there I am amused and I find something new to try. Last thrusday was my 5th visit to the good market.
The good market is an initiative to promote local goods and handmade products. You can find organic vegetables and homemade chutneys. The hand made products range from toys to baskets and everything sri lankan. Have you ever wanted to get a souvenir for your friends and family abroad when you visit sri lanka I recommend you visit the good market before you buy.
They’ve got a good selection of souvenirs ranging from handmade handloom bags, soft toys, caps to carved sculptures and cane products like baskets, hats, plates and bowls made of wood and toys that can be treasured which are colorful and wooden.
They do have a good selection of pottery too. The good market also has a few stalls that sell for a cause and you can purchase from them so that you will be a part of the good help.

When you finished walking around and purchasing you can sit by the aquarium to relax and enjoy the food which you can buy at the stalls which sell all fresh, homemade stuff that some food stalls also have food made with organic ingredients.
There is a range of cuisines like mama Aidas middle eastern food to a few sti lankan food stalls that has a variety of sri lankan food to suit your appetite. The cakes and popsicles at the butter boutique is never to be missed whether you want dessert or not.
The kulfis at butter boutique are so devine with almonds and I should not forget to say that I tried both the kulfi and mint and lemon popsicle as I was so excited to try popsicle in cup shapes after many many years which I can not relate how many years. Its like I went back in time, when I was a kids I remember buying them from a house that sells these type of popsicle for 2 rupees. It was in negombo opposite my grannys house and we the cousin lot used to buy them. Am so delighted to find this yummy goodie after many years. It was a hit on last thrusdays good market for me.

I so enjoy the atmosphere at the waters edge diyatha uyana amidst the long distance travel from colombo 9 to battaramulla. Clicking some photographs for my bloggers I quickly went over to the yummy goodness stall where I was greeted by the nice lady behind the goodies. She makes the chutneys at home and has it neatly and colorfully packed to attract anyone who don‚Äôt like chutneys. Her stall was so cute and lovely. I just can’t take my eye off her nice chutney bottle to the small shelf which had four bottles and the long boat shaped tray that had a few fruits on display to explain the visitors what are the fruits used in those chutneys. She does have some good marmalades and jams too.
She quickly figured out I was the one who has been wanting to taste her chutneys for the last two weeks as I’ve text her asking for pricing and told to reserve me a billing and date chutney.
She insisted I try the others too and I wanted to buy a jambo jolly which is made from jambo fruits. Am so amazed at her ideas, she really has got something delicious in those jars. Those small fruits that we ate as achcharu with salt and chillie has now been turned into a chutney by this nice lady. Now we can enjoy them with our lunch or dinner. I recommend this as a good side dish for biriyani.
I sure have to try them all soon :-).

Returning back to the stall that had some sri lankan food yes thats something that need to be mentioned. She was a friendly lady who asked me to try some pickled pollos on display and I loved it. To be honest I’ve never seen or herd of pickled polos before until now. Pickled polos I mentioned, yes, thats something new to the market. Polos oh polos my favourite. I’ve had a sweet polos and we eat polos for lunch as polos curry but she had a variety of polos. Fried polos, polos ambul thiyal, polos mallum, pollos cuttlets, pollos pickle, wow she inspired me. now a vegetarian can enjoy a good meal too.
I should get some pickled polos from her on my next visit.
Okay now are you wondering what is this polos?
Its young jack fruit.
Its a vegetable thats made into a nice curry and served with rice. One of My aunts used to fry the young jack fruit and serve with syrup, she has a tree in from of her house and I remember making nice hats out of the leaves from a jack tree. Those are golden days. Nowadays you can find the young jack fruit dried into tiny slices in a pack which I discovered at the good market. The kithul vendor who sells all things kithul had this small pack for 100/- rupees per 10 grams. This stall is also available at the good market.

The vendor who goes as jafna palmyrah sells all things made of odiyal tree and I believe odiyal needs a separate post so lets talk about it another time.
Until then have a look at my pictures from Thursday 3rd April 2014 good market at diyatha uyana in battaramulla along waters edge.
Do check the good market website and learn more or find out the schedule,
location and timings incase you wanna visit. Always make sure to visit after checking their main website as time, location and days may vary depending on the situation.
The good market at crescat boulevard araliya car park is no longer available dues to lack of vendors willing to participate on sundays.
The race course good market will be open from april 26th. Its a nice place to shop too.








The good market was a real treat for my eyes with the diyatha uyana good market being the largest with most number of stalls. I wish I got some wooden toys and some pottery and some handloom bags and some handloom soft toys too to decorate my sons cot.
More photos awaiting in line and see you soon.
This is my first time using a dslr camera ūüôā

How a cookie became a short cake

Today was a very warm day to bake here in sri lanka. The rain was playing hide and seek as we expected it to rain anytime I decided to use up the kithul flour I bought from the good market last sunday.
I dint have any recipes in hand yet I decided to create my own. I love baking cookies although I’ve never tried my hands in a cookie recipe until this day.  I think its fun, creative and colorful so I decided to make it innovative and invent my own cookie recipe. I had only 100 grams of kithul flour in hand and I wanted my cookie to be low carb. Starting off with Margarine and sugar I got my batter ready and felt it was a bit too light to become a cookie. Yet I was so persuaded to make it into a cookie by arranging some cup cake liners on a flat 6 inch cake tray and pouring a small spoonful of batter in the centre to form a small circle.  I baked over medium high heat and checked it after 10 minutes to find it too soft as a sponge cake. Having no other option than to take it off the oven I tasted it to find no big difference to the flavour yet it required a little topping to call it a short cake. Finally making a topping was also fun as there was no chocolate to make a ganach nor any icing sugar to make some butter cream frosting so I decided to cream some condensed milk with a bit of cocoa powder and milk. It was thick and tasty. My chocolate short cakes were drizzled with a bit of my delicious condensed milk cream and served.
So I named this recipe kithul short Cakes.

Here is the recipe to my cakes

100 gms kithul flour
10 gms sugar or kithul treacle
10 gms margarine, butter or olive margarine
1 egg
1 teaspoon milk
2 teaspoon cocoa powder
3 cashew nuts
3 pinches baking powder

1. Blend together butter, margarine or olive margarine with sugar and cashew nuts.
2. Add the egg and milk mixing well to combine.
3. Stir in baking powder, kithul flour and cocoa powder.

Divide 1 tablespoon of the batter into small cupcake liners and bake in a moderate oven for 10 minutes.
Serve with any desired type of frosting.

Butter cream
Melted chocolate
Whipped cream
Or even drizzle a bit of honey or treacle for a diabetics friendly option.

Use kithul treacle,  honey or stevia extract for diabetes friendly cakes.
Avoid cashew nuts for gluten free option.
Replace eggs with low fat whipped cream for cholesterol free option. Quantity for 1 egg add 2 tablespoons of whipped cream low fat.

Lets talk about kithul.
Kithul is said to be a healthy option for diabetes patients.
I hear people say having kithul jaggery, kithul treacle,  or even kithul flour does not affect your diabetes. So I decided to go in depth and try some recipes for diabetes patients.




Good market for food

The good market as mentioned in the previous posts is an initiative to promote local goods. Starting off at the diyatha uyana at waters edge and the araliya car park at crescat the good market is now having their stalls at the race course car park. Race course is a nice place with a peaceful atmosphere located in the vicinity of the royal collage colombo and colombo university. A very posh area with less traffic and ideal location for walks and get togethers with family and friends race course has a line up of shops with a lovely car park and seating for those who like to have a McDonald’s lunch or dinner.
The good market is an addition that has made the location even more colorful with those lovely tents and music on the background,  the aroma of the food and colorful goods on display never failed to attract the crowd.
I dropped in at the good market on my way to a birthday party of my close cousin in law with a cake as gift.
walking in looking around at the good market I first went over to “milk and honey” its a shop that serves vegetarian food and had an array of gluten free cakes with kithul jaggery or kithul treacle substituted for sugar on all the sweet goodies. I am a budding baker who is looking for options on baking gluten free and healthy. When I first herd of the milk and honey shop in colombo 7 I was wanting to visit and try some from their menu yet time did not permit and I was so glad and eager to try their sweets at the good market.
I chose the chocolate fudge brownies which was 250 rupees a piece although it was less than 10 dirhams and filled with healthy ingredients I felt it to be a bit expensive counting in sri lankan rupees. I wanted to taste all the sweets they had which was covered and kept while all food was carefully packed with extra care and gloves.
All bags used were biodegradable.
As I tasted the chocolate fudge brownie I hardly felt any difference as the sales lady explained the brownies contain no wheat or rice flour which makes it gluten free and she also mentioned having used kithul jaggery intead of sugar as a healthy option. I am so happy to have spent 250 rupees on that brownie it was well worth.

My next search was for the achcharu kadeys new addition the kama kadey. Yes I’ve mentioned achcharu kadey on my previous post and they have developed to have two stalls together introducing the kama kadey which sells authentic sri lankan meals. They serve a special ambul thiyal sandwich with pol (coconut) sambol or polos thiyal with pol sambol. I sure need a good separate post to write about ambul thiyal.
In short – Its so delicious and yummy. Some kind of curry that can be prepared and preserved in a jar I sure will upload a post on this very soon.
Until then just have a look at my sandwich and imagine how ambul thiyals would be no matter if its fish or polos all taste good and spicy.
Yes thats how it looks the smell of kandan leaf and the roast bread is awesome.
The sandwich becomes more authentic because of the Kandan lead wrap.
Am so impressed by this food.
My reason to run over at good market was a big secret.
Memories are so great that sometimes we do things just to experience it, That’s what was my reason.
I remember my mum used to ask dad for boiled cashew nuts wraped in kandan leaves. It tasted so good and you hardly find it nowadays. About 15 years ago it was only 40 rupees I guess but now just a little bit is 250 rupees. I feel that 15 years is a very long time :-).
I text the kama kadey cum achcharu kadey to reserve me some boiled cashew nuts and I rushed over to get them before they are sold out.
Its served in the same old way with a very small quantity. Its was so soft and chewy. Its always best to taste something after many years. This is how I revisited my memory.
Everyone sure did enjoy the taste of good market food.
A birthday cake post is to follow and until then its good night from mafaza


Zataar keema pizza


Arabian cuisine has always encouraged me to try new dishes. Zataar was introduced to me through manakish at man2ooshe and I fell in love with the spice. As I saw the zataar on display at Carrefour I quickly grabbed a little and came home. Once I was home I started to stumble online for recipes and finally decided to introduce the zataar with meat to my Sri Lankan family. Usually a keema is done with a mix of various spices but I got a delicious keema with just only zataar and pepper powder. I myself am really amazed how the Arabian flavor has enhanced the keema curry with the help of those dried herbs and sumac. This experiment has encouraged me to try new recipes using zataar.


Pizza Dough


3 cups flour
Salt to taste
2 teaspoon olive oil or margarine
2 teaspoon yeast
Water as required


Mix all ingredients together and knead into a smooth and soft dough.
Leave aside to rise for an hour.
Roll into a flat circle and place on a tray.

Meat keema


1 cup meat

1 medium onion (chopped)

1 teaspoon crushed pepper
2 teaspoon zataar spice
2 teaspoon zataar with sumac
Salt to taste
1tablesoon olive oil or melted butter


Cheddar for topping


Clean, wash and boil the meat.
Sauté meat and onions in a pan over high heat with teaspoon of olive oil or margarine

Season with salt and pepper to taste and add the two zataar mixes.
Spread over the prepared dough.

Grate and sprinkle cheddar cheese on top and bake at 150 degrees C for 20 minutes on a pre heated oven.

My images



zataar keema topped

zataar keema topped



cheessy on top ofkeema

cheessy on top of keema






Sri Lankan food : Kiribath


Cooking with Mafaza a kiribath served with katta sambol. (Recipe)


My plate of kiribath

My plate of kiribath prepared with red raw rice and served without a shape ūüôā

Home food is always hygienic and delicious.
Since moving into Dubai I have tasted a wide range of cuisines from many parts of the world all in Dubai. The food was really delicious and it has always been a pleasure to taste various types of food from around the world in one country without traveling much at an affordable cost.
Although tasting different types of cuisines were fun I have always missed Sri Lankan food. There are a few shops that sell Sri Lankan food but they are very far from where I live so I have to prepare  the sri Lankan food I want.

When I say Sri Lankan food of course they are always unique and delicious.

Most of them are spicy and use various different techniques and a range of ingredients which some might not even know them. There is a long list of sri Lankan food I would like to talk about but today am¬†gonna¬†discuss about one particular such dish which is often served at breakfast and rarely found in a normal kadey in lanka. this dish is none but kiribath in Sinhala which is¬†milk rice¬†although the name sounds simple¬†it’s¬†s prepared and served as a special dish during housewarming,¬†Sinhala new year and on a Sunday (at my house, not sure of the other people in lanka) while all the members of the family are at home which is when we get to eat the same food together.

Kiribath is cooked with white raw rice or red raw rice. Usually both the rice can be used and the final outcome will be delicious.

I shall go down to the recipe and leave it in your hands to try it out and let me know how you liked it when you have some time.

How to serve it is given below after the recipe.


  • 2 cups of red/white raw rice
  • 6 cups of light coconut milk
  • 2 cups of thick coconut milk
  • salt to taste
  • 3 inch piece of rampa leaf (pandan leaves)

Cooking instructions

  1. Wash the rice and add to a pan with some light coconut milk and rampa leaves.
  2. Cook over a medium high heat for half an hour or until the rice is nearly over cooked.
  3. Use a rice cooker or pressure cooker and cook as you normally cook rice making sure the rice is nearly over cooked.
  4. Once the rice is done mix thick coconut milk with salt as required and pour over the rice.
  5. Mix well and cook over a slow flame until the rice grains are mushy and the milk has completely evaporated.
  6. Pour on a flat tray and spread it evenly.
  7. Cool for 5 minutes and cut into diamond shapes (ideal shape for a gathering).
  8. You can just serve into individual pots as well and serve.
  9. Serve with katta sambol for a spicy breakfast.
  10. To eat it sweet serve with a banana and some sugar mixed in to each¬†individual’s¬†preference.

Katta sambol recipe


  • 2 big onions
  • 2 long green chillies
  • Chillie powder as required
  • 1 tsp of chillie flakes (reduce if you want less spiciness)
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tsp of lime juice

Preparation method

  1. Peel, wash and chop onions into small fine pieces.
  2. Wash and chop the green chillies.
  3. Add into a mortar pestle if using one or into a chopper of the food processor.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend together to a fine mixture.
  5. Transfer to a serving bowl and adjust the salt.


yesterday was avurudhu in sri lanka and this was a plate of treat from one of our neighbours. my sister shared with me.

yesterday was avurudu in sri lanka and this was a plate of treat from one of our neighbours.
my sister shared with me.

The white item on the plate is the white raw rice kiribath that is cut into diamond shapes which is an easy way to serve.


This is my first food post after many months since my pregnancy and I hope you all enjoyed it.