Sweet almond pattie

When you have lots of almonds in the fridge what do you do?
I transformed them into an almond and date paste to make my own recipe and I called it sweet almond pattie.
I guess these ground almonds were blanched as they had a very pale taste and we dint like it much. We had to use it as I’ve asked my dad to get me almond powder and he ended up bringing a lot of ground almonds. So I decided to try some sweets with almond filling.
Below is my recipe.



1 cup flour
2 tablespoons ghee
1/4 teaspoon Salt
Water as required
2 pinches of baking powder

1. Mix all the ingredients together and roll over a board using a rolling pin.
2. Apply ghee and sprinkle with flour.
3. Fold into 2 and roll again till its thin and even.
4. Cut small circles or any other desired shapes and place over a lightly floured surface.
5. Place the filling and fold into half.
6. Deep fry in hot oil until crispy and golden brown.

Almond filling
A handful of almonds
3 or more cashew nuts
3 or more dates deseeded
A drop of vanilla essence
1 teaspoon fresh cream
Sugar or any sugar substitute as required

1. Blend altogether using a hand mixer to a fine paste.
2. Transfer the mixture onto a small pan and add sone butter or ghee.
3. let it cook for a few minutes until the mixture is thick and starts to leave the sides of the pan.

Once the patties are fried drizzle a bit of honey or treacle on top for extra sweetness.

Now the filling is ready to spread.
Add a few drops of food coloring to give it a more colorful look.
Use any other type of nuts instead of almonds.
Substitute sugar with kithul treacle or stevia extract.
Omit the sugar and prepare this dish finally serve those sweet toothed guests with a garnish of honey or treacle.


How a cookie became a short cake

Today was a very warm day to bake here in sri lanka. The rain was playing hide and seek as we expected it to rain anytime I decided to use up the kithul flour I bought from the good market last sunday.
I dint have any recipes in hand yet I decided to create my own. I love baking cookies although I’ve never tried my hands in a cookie recipe until this day.  I think its fun, creative and colorful so I decided to make it innovative and invent my own cookie recipe. I had only 100 grams of kithul flour in hand and I wanted my cookie to be low carb. Starting off with Margarine and sugar I got my batter ready and felt it was a bit too light to become a cookie. Yet I was so persuaded to make it into a cookie by arranging some cup cake liners on a flat 6 inch cake tray and pouring a small spoonful of batter in the centre to form a small circle.  I baked over medium high heat and checked it after 10 minutes to find it too soft as a sponge cake. Having no other option than to take it off the oven I tasted it to find no big difference to the flavour yet it required a little topping to call it a short cake. Finally making a topping was also fun as there was no chocolate to make a ganach nor any icing sugar to make some butter cream frosting so I decided to cream some condensed milk with a bit of cocoa powder and milk. It was thick and tasty. My chocolate short cakes were drizzled with a bit of my delicious condensed milk cream and served.
So I named this recipe kithul short Cakes.

Here is the recipe to my cakes

100 gms kithul flour
10 gms sugar or kithul treacle
10 gms margarine, butter or olive margarine
1 egg
1 teaspoon milk
2 teaspoon cocoa powder
3 cashew nuts
3 pinches baking powder

1. Blend together butter, margarine or olive margarine with sugar and cashew nuts.
2. Add the egg and milk mixing well to combine.
3. Stir in baking powder, kithul flour and cocoa powder.

Divide 1 tablespoon of the batter into small cupcake liners and bake in a moderate oven for 10 minutes.
Serve with any desired type of frosting.

Butter cream
Melted chocolate
Whipped cream
Or even drizzle a bit of honey or treacle for a diabetics friendly option.

Use kithul treacle,  honey or stevia extract for diabetes friendly cakes.
Avoid cashew nuts for gluten free option.
Replace eggs with low fat whipped cream for cholesterol free option. Quantity for 1 egg add 2 tablespoons of whipped cream low fat.

Lets talk about kithul.
Kithul is said to be a healthy option for diabetes patients.
I hear people say having kithul jaggery, kithul treacle,  or even kithul flour does not affect your diabetes. So I decided to go in depth and try some recipes for diabetes patients.




My First Dates Cake

My Dates Story

I love date cakes and who doesn’t,  dates are so rich in iron and are naturally sweet. During my third trimester of pregnancy I had gestational diabetes and had to cut down sugar intake completely. As a sweet lover it was difficult but as a food blogger it was fun. I gradually started enjoying the natural flavours of the food I ate while I started forgetting it was sugar free tea and coffee. You can experience the real taste of coffee and tea when there is less sugar but I was not a fan of muesli and had to have weetabix for breakfast.  As a person who has never tasted it I thought it must be like rusk and bought a large pack of weetabix. I was so disappointed by the taste of weetabix.  It was so bland and had no flavour at all so I had to add a few dates to my breakfast cereal.  Although worried of the natural sweetness in dates I had to eat for my baby.
We usually have dates in sri lanka when its ramazan or if someone brings from abroad.  But since moving to dubai I have been having it very often as  my husband likes to have a few dates with his weekend biriyani or rice and curry. Its delicious try it.
So dates is always available at home in dubai while its the same story back in sri lanka. My dad gets dates from friends while he also buys them, he too enjoys having a few dates every now and then. So I’ve always wanted to make some dates cake with the extras and last week I decided to finish off a pack of dates that was laying on the shelf for the past three months. My dad got a box from riyadh and we had more leftover after sharing.

I was browsing through my recipe books for a dates cake recipe and couldn’t find one specifically for dates cake. I decided to go through some rich fruit cake recipe and used the ingredients as an inspiration.
I’ve learnt a dates cake recipe at my cake decorating school during my basic course yet I decided to keep it for later and create my own recipe.

So here is how I made my first dates cake.
2 eggs
75 gm wheat flour
75 gm sugar
125 gm margarine
150 gm dates deseeded
A handful of mixed nuts I used almonds and cashew nuts.
4 pinches of baking powder

1. Beat margarine and sugar.
2. Stir in eggs one at a time with the 4 pinches of baking powder.
3. Blend the dates and nuts to a coarse paste.
4. Stir in to the egg mixture.
5. Fold in the flour.
6. Butter and flour a baking pan and spread the batter.
7. Bake in a moderate oven according to normal baking timings.
8. Serve warm with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

I made a small 6 inch cake with the above ingredients double the quantity to increase size, if you dont like the nuts to be a bit chewy blend it into a fine paste.
Add flour little by little and if the mixture is too runny add a few tablespoons of flour to obtain the correct consistency.
The correct consistency is the normal cake batter but with a bit thickness due to the nuts and dates.

Healthy option for diabetes patients;
Substitute the sugar with 1/2 a cup kithul treacle or honey.
You can even use stevia extract, add just a table spoon instead of 75 grams.


No sugar for pani poori? lets substitute with treacle

It was a very fine evening when my sisters were discussing what to make as an evening snack.
After some time I suggested the easiet possible dessert the caramel which my parents had brought a dozen pack from saudi arabia.
I was so lazy to make it though and was postponing the preparation.  After a while my sister who is a Instagram foodie as I shall call her due to her passion to cook and take pictures of food which she posts on Instagram, she mentioned that she would love to make some pani poori if only there was enough sugar.
I as a food blogger who has learnt to substitute ingredients and blog about it suggested she substitute kithul treacle or kithul pani for sugar. As my sister was reluctant to substitute the ingredients and was wondering if kithul treacle would work I took over the challenge as an encouragement and started off making pani poori. The recipe I followed was van chefs which is also my sisters search results. I made a few changes like using wheat flour instead of rice flour for dusting in between.
I also used a frilled round cutter to give the pooris a new look.
Not only did I use kithul treacle instead of sugar syrup I tempered some cashew nuts in ghee and mixed in with the kithul treacle and drizzled a bit of the ghee.
The cashew flavoured treacle and hot yum pooris was the perfect rainy day snack as rain started soon as I began frying pooris.
Tiny 2 inch diameter size pooris were ready in 15 minutes with cashew and kithul treacle syrup.
I was impatient to try some as I’ve never ever tasted kithul pani so I fried 20 pooris and left the remaining dough closed in the kitchen and went off to get the dinning table and tried my first ever pani poori. I was so on doubt of the taste and asked my sister who has tried pani poori if the taste was identical. To my delight she said it was superb and that one word made my day.
Everyone in my family loved my pani pooris and my sister informed me how my brother asked for more, he is not a person who can be pleased easily and doesn’t enjoy fast food.
Alright now its photo time 🙂
Let me reveal the pictures of my pani poori taken with my Samsung s4.
The little pooris drizzled in kithul treacle(pani).

Roasted Cashew in ghee amd mixed with kithul treacle (pani)

Above the kithul treacle ( pani ) and below the nutritional information of the treacle.

Kithul is sure a good substitute for sugar.
My husband took a bottle if kithul to dubai and I asked him what he used it for, his reply was interesting.
He mentioned how he have his coffee with kithul treacle ( pani ) and I tried it out. I also served my brother and mum a cup of coffer made with kithul treacle instead of sugar and to my surprise it was superb. We never felt any difference and thinking of the nutritional value I would like to say its more healthy so I herd.

My cup of white coffee with kithul treacle ( pani )

Ok so now am gonna give some ideas to make the pani poori syrup flavoured.
Temper some cashew nuts, almond or peanut in ghee and add it with the ghee to the syrup.
Mix well and serve.
You can temper in butter or margarine as well.
The pani pooris stay crispy for atleast 6 hours as I’ve tried and it’s a magic for me as my pooris or papadams never stayed crispy for long when kept open on a plate under a food cover.
It’s always fun to have these in a bowl.