Why Vada pav???

Pav means a type of bun halved in the centre and greased with some butter, usually served with a potato, carrots and green peas mixture made in a specific method in a large tray like griddle and is called pav bajji, it tastes so delicious. I remember the days when I went shopping at T.nagar during my visits to India we used to look for one specific shop that we believe has the best pav baji in the area. The shop is chips and chips. They sell the best pav baji.
Whatever the time is we made sure we had a set of pav baji before the shop closes in the middle of a large amount of shops all which had something that was interesting after all I am a shopaholic.
So having moved In to Dubai and craving for some spicy food I decide to have vada pav for breakfast one day. I have never seen nor tasted a vada pav before even during my visits to India.
When the cashier was mentioning the two vada pav’s while he entered the amount I was expecting to taste a vada inside the pav bun.
As I came home and started investigating the vada pav I had one question in my mind. The question is why did they name it vada pav? There was no vada inside it was a bondha.
I love bondhas and I learnt through the Internet how to make bondhas and I really enjoy making them regardless of it being a deep fried food.
Why din’t they name it bondha pav?
I have another question now and still haven’t found an answer am gonna tweet and see if anyone would like to give me a clear answer.
Whatever it is called it tastes really good with a tempered green Chillie across it.
Now that’s what I want isn’t it? yes, spicy food!


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