The Event


I walked pass the crowd at the metro towards the card swiping machine and took the elevator to the platform. The train was due in 5 minutes.

The platform was less crowded and many faces of busy people hardly anyone who were on a leisure journey.

It was my first time at the metro all alone and I was doing fine with the guide book by the RTA and the help of the security officers.

As the train stopped i quickly got in and found myself a seat in the corner of the ladies compartment.  Yes, dubai RTA has special arrangements for ladies. They have a lady driven taxi as well.

Well i was having a great view of the dubai skyline from the metro as we pass the jumeira area with the burj al arab to my left. I tried to get a photograph as the metro went on its normal speed. The weather was cooling down and I was enjoying the metro ride while strolling through my gallery of my phone for photos and wondering of the event am about to attend.

I dropped off at the emirates metro station and walked towards the bus stop. It was a bit daunting as a first timer but I enjoyed it as I was all alone and exploring dubai.

I took the bus to the festival city mall and the walk to the mall was a kilometre from the bus stop. Finally inside the mall I went in search of the customer service and found jashanmal location.

This was my first metro journey all alone and it lasted 45 minutes. The event i attended was the Aquarius coffee morning and it was my first event in dubai or anywhere to be honest.

The journey from sri lanka to dubai is only 4 hours and 15 minutes but it has given me the 4 years of blogging a world of my own. A page of my own.everything in this blog is my very own words. I know there are many errors grammatically but I still share my own unbiased thoughts.

The blogging journey started on july 3rd with a chicken curry recipe in the year 2012 and today I write all things that I fancy.

The journey was a very long one no matter how small you start always keep your interest and never give up 🙂

My inspiring quote of the day

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. Jeff Jarvis

I agree totally to the above quote which I came across on the side bar soon after my new post.

one should read as many blog posts as possible to know what a reader likes to read and what are the most famous topics on blogs.

what does one like to write and why is another matter that every person who wants to blog should read and find out.

Weekly Writing Challenge: Stylish Imitation

This week’s writing challenge: stylish imitation is one of the best exercises I enjoy writing.
Every one of us have our own favorite writer. It’s really interesting and fun to write something in the style of a person who inspired you which is also very challenging. As a person who loves to read, I have read books of many authors and watched many TV programs and have many who inspired me to be a writer or personality like them. I had to struggle to choose one particular personality, me myself being a multifaceted writer I have a list of writers who inspired me but one person stands away from the rest and that is television cookery program host and author of many cooking books Nigella Lawson. We both share the same interest. I am a beginner while Nigella is an expert. she Inspired me through her cookery shows which widened my knowledge in the field of cooking and made me aspire to publish my own cookery book and start a career in cooking. What I most admire is the way Nigella Lawson demonstrates, her accent, style and most importantly the nature of her show. Every single word and expression is told in such a way that each viewer will find it easy to understand and follow the instructions. I really admire the way she brings together a dish with simple ingredients. I am still learning to adopt her style.

Nigella Lawson

A recipe which I created after watching Nigella Lawson’s show written to be published into a Chinese cook book.


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