I really loved to paint

As much as I hated drawing

C is all my drawing scored

When the teacher gave is just to please me

I hardly enjoyed the crayons

And believed my self-incapable of any art

Just until I realized

How anything is possible with a bit of effort

Which is when I started admiring

The artwork of others

So it may just inspire

To be a bit creative

Which is all I lacked

A little bit of inspiration

I give the paper and some paint

For my sons so they may get inspired

And do what their imagination goes towards

While I can enjoy even the tiniest scribble

As a work of art

A painting worth to be treasured



The crab soup

2013-09-01 21.07.31

It’s really surprising to think that I’ve fallen in love with seafood very lately amidst the fact that I hardly buy prawns in dubai and hatted fish since my pregnancy.
I enjoyed eating prawns and fish when I was in sri lanka but after marriage moving into dubai has changed me due to my partners preferences.
Coming back to sri lanka on vacation for delivery encouraged me to try new things out and seafood hit the list first. The opening of the manhattan fish market helped me explore the seafood galore and the taste was incredibly delicious that made me fall in love for seafood. Eating out, next in line was the very latest seafood restaurant in colombo at the Kingsbury hotel “The Ocean” which served high class seafood meals that dint let down my new found love for seafood.

Next dine out plan was to spend less and eat well.
Expecting less for a nominal price walking into a chinese restaurant in colombo along the sea which Is very famous for it’s chinese food I was let down. The standards never met even to match the sea over looking the restaurant. Ordering a crab soup was waste as the bowl was filled with basic sweet corn soup and two 1 centimeter piece of crab legs I guess. Surely the soup was delicious yet it doesn’t suit the name crab soup. My seafood love hasn’t faded off myself yet has warned me not to order seafood at a normal chinese restaurant. Feel like having seafood for dinner walk in to a seafood restaurant is what I’ve memorised.
Not all restaurants are in the same standard yet it’s always safe and best to eat what you want at a place that specialises for that particular cuisine or meal. Its always better to eat thosa at an Indian restaurant isn’t it?


Desiccated Coconut Chutney

¬†Click On Me ūüôā¬†

An experience shared by trying and testing a coconut chutney using desiccated coconut with recipes and images.

This chutney is best to be served with rice, roti. dhoklas or the delicious indian dosa, idli, vada etc.

keeps well in the refrigerator for a week as prepared using desiccated coconuts.

if storing in fridge make sure you¬†don’t¬†add tempered onions for a better quality.

Above document was created by myself using indesign magazine style which is why I have tagged it under work and food.

I really enjoyed designing this document hope you enjoyed too.


“weekly photo challenge: near and far”

Dubai eye radio weather forecast for Dubai was 39 degrees and its burning outside. As a person who lived in country like Sri Lanka¬† where the weather is normal, 39 degrees is not normal. I rarely go out during the day and I don’t have to as I am freelancer and a homemaker.
Going out in the evening at sunset seeing the sun that keeps me in all day, it was my best opportunity to capture the sun in my iphone.
If it wasn’t dusk I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to stand in the middle of jumeira village circle,¬† which I guess is many miles far from the sun imagining as if its near to earth.


Cats Pose

It’s really lovely and rare to see a cat sleeping near a bouquet as if it’s posing.
The photographer made sure not to disturb the cat which is why she took the picture through the window.
I really like this cat although am not a cat lover.
There is always some kind of message when you really try to get to know them or a little creative you’l understand.
Pi by haf



Movie – Nachos & Hotdogs


The dark night rises (bat man) was recently released on the 16th of august in cinemas around Dubai.
A movie about a superhero called bat man well that’s no more a kids movie.
It was really awesome.
Watching it at the worlds largest mall the Dubai mall which has over 25 cinema theaters with a bucket of pop corns or a box of nachos, a large coke and a hot dog was something I love.
Batman was so interesting that I never even thought of eating hotdogs.
Yea, who will!!!


A view from the plane window

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On my way back home from bangalore to colombo I looked through the window and captured this photo. It was a very fine sunny day and high up in the sky it was very cloudy miles and miles away from land I just enjoyed sitting besides the window and looking around. that gives me a lot of imaginations ideas to write about.
We all know using mobile phones inside the aeroplane is not permissible.
Me myself being a person who follows rules and regulation I really couldn’t take my eyes off the scenery which made me quickly take few snaps. Luckily I was just in time switching off my mobile phone before an air hostess came my way.